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5 Steps to Avoiding Burnout as a Personal Trainer

5 Steps to Avoiding Burnout as a Personal Trainer | LEP Fitness

Becoming a personal trainer may be the culmination of perusing an activity that has become an essential and beloved part of your life. Now you are actually teaching others to partake in a physical pursuit which you adore committing your time to. What could go wrong?

Burnout, that’s what. Because just like any other activity or thriving business, committing too much time to it can become detrimental. Here is how you avoid the pitfall of burnout in your work as a personal trainer.

Look after yourself

You’re working hard and building a thriving personal training business. And you’re training all day, so you can’t help but be healthy, right? Wrong, because like any form of job you can still begin to neglect yourself by working too much and failing to dedicate sufficient time to your personal needs such as diet, sleep and time away.

Don’t forget your own training

Chances are you became a personal trainer as you personally fell in love with training. But now you are a teacher with a thriving business, do you still have time to train yourself? It happens so often that teachers spend so much time teaching others that they neglect their own needs, and when that is connected to your sense of wellbeing, it is especially important that this doesn’t happen. So factor in the ‘me’ time, it’s important.

Take up other activities

You clearly love training, otherwise it’s highly unlikely that you would have followed the path to becoming an instructor in the first place. However, as is true with any love, you can find that you start to have an aversion to it if it is all you do.

“Once it becomes all-consuming, with no time for anything else, then just like with anything else, you can start to resent the activity, which is particularly detrimental when a soulful art like training is your craft, warns Katie Radshaw, a training blogger at Essay Services and UKWritings.

The solution here is a simple one. In the time when you are not working or practicing your own personal training moves and meditations, follow another activity that you enjoy that is completely removed from the art of training. This will be the best decision you ever make as not only I it healthy to have diverse interests, it will also prevent burnout from doing the thing you love doing more than anything else: training.

Start making referrals, or expand

As your skills develop and your ability as an instructor grows, so will demand for your services. Yes, that’s great for business, but don’t forget that you cannot possibly do it all yourself, and it becomes detrimental to your teaching and your own spiritual balance if you try to take on more than you can handle.

“A great way to continue growing your business but save yourself from training burnout is to take on other instructors who you refer business to for a cut of the proceeds. Starting your own personal training studio is the ultimate as then you can hire other instructors under your name, but then you are not responsible for delivering all classes personally, which is impossible to do anyway,” suggests Jan Sanchez, a training teacher at StudentWritingServices and Assignment help Adelaide.

And don’t be afraid to say ‘no’

And sometimes you just need to say ‘no’, even if you feel you are letting people down in doing so (which is not true either). Most training teachers work for themselves and so feel under pressure to always say ‘yes’ as it’s deemed better for business to work that way, but that is simply not true.

By always saying ‘yes’ you are on the road to training teacher burnout, and then where will that leave your business? Not where you want it, that’s for sure, so make the very correct decision of saying ‘no’ when you have to, and you will soon realize it’s for the good of your business, your health, and your love of training in the long run. 

Health and wellness expert Aimee Laurence is an editor at Boomessays and Essayroo, where she also pens her insights regarding such topics as soulful pursuits and looking after the body. She is tutors at Top Canadian essay writers