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5 things you can do today to dramatically boost your health…


Do these 5 things today and feel better straight away!

5 things you can do today to dramatically boost your health written by sheffield personal trainer nick screeton

1) Take 10,000 steps 

Get moving to keep yourself trim and lose weight. A target of 10,000 steps is not difficult to achieve! Ditch the escalator and take the stairs, walk to work, go for a run, go for a stroll around the office (just make-sure your boss doesn’t notice what your up to!).

FACT: Remember weight loss comes down to calories in – calories out. Burn more fuel and you’ll lose weight. Complete 10,000 steps today – you can track how many steps you do using your phone. You could also pick up a fitbit or polar watch to further keep you accountable with the added bonuses of these devices enabling you to track sleep, calories, and heart rate – great investment!

2) Double Your Water Intake

Incredibly simple but true. Double your water intake for today and see how much better you feel. Aim for at least 2 litres! You’ll stay hydrated, which will improve your performance across the board: at work, at home, and at the gym, you name it it’ll improve it!

If your not a big water drinker try mixing water with a low calorie, low sugar squash for flavour. You could also pick up some Volvic flavoured water (my favourite flavour is strawberry – deliciously sweet!)

3) Eat Some Protein 

Protein helps keep you fuller for longer, your body also has to work harder to break it down so you actually burn calories through the thermic effect of protein consumption.

Eat some meat or fish for lunch and dinner and you’ll feel like eating less throughout the day. You’ll also be packing your body full of essential amino acids which are vital for healthy hair, nails, skin, bones and muscles.

Good protein choices: chicken, turkey, salmon, eggs, steak, tuna

4) Ditch Your Phone 1-2hrs Before Bed!

The light that your phone, computer and TV emits interrupts the hormones that help you sleep. Sleep is essential for recovery and optimal performance. Do you want to be fatigued and grouchy the next day? I’d guess not! Ditch these devices 1-2hrs before bed: take a bath, read a book, chill out amigo! Facebook will still be there tomorrow!

5) Boost Your Knowledge

It’s time to get clued up and learn some absolute knowledge bombs. Knowledge is power right? and that’s why I’ve put together…


In this post I literally share some awesome secrets, which i’ve picked up over the past 10 years of being fully immersed in the fitness industry!

Also, are you up for a 1 day challenge?

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