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5 Ways To Grow Your Personal Training Business When You’re At Maximum Capacity

5 Ways To Grow Your Personal Training Business When You're At Maximum Capacity | LEP Fitness

Are you a personal trainer with a full diary of clients who wants to grow your business further?

Maybe you’re not quite at full capacity, perhaps you’re doing 20-25 sessions per week, BUT are pretty close to being fully booked up and are thinking, “what’s next?”

If this is the stage that you’re at with your business, then stay tuned because I’m going to share with you 7 Ways To Grow Your Personal Training Business.

About Nick:

Personal Trainer Sheffield | LEP Fitness

Before I dive into some tips, you may be wondering who’s behind writing this post and also thinking, “Why should we trust you?”

Well, you can trust me because I’ve completed over 10,000 x 1-1 coaching sessions, and have built up a successful personal training business in Sheffield, called LEP Fitness.

Over the last seven years, I’ve continued to grow my business every single year! And I’m going to share with you how I’ve done it.

Applying the things that I’m about to share with you has enabled me to increase my yearly turnover, making my business an extra £35-40k per year, for the last three years running, not bad for a few small tweaks?

Now I’m not claiming to be a multi-millionaire businessman, and I’m not here to talk BS! Or talk about things I know nothing about – I’ll save that for the six-figure cowboys out there!

BUT I do know a thing or two about building up a small and successful personal training business, and I will share what’s worked for me…

Let’s dive in!

5 Ways To Grow Your Personal Training Business When You’re At Maximum Capacity

#1 Fitness Blog

I started the LEP Fitness blog to share my passion with the world! The first couple of years, not many people read my work, lol, BUT the last five or so years the blog has gone from strength to strength.

I get an ample amount of writing opportunities, where other businesses pay me to write for them. I also get paid to add blogs to my site. Blogging has not only enabled me to get more clients and boost my local SEO, BUT it’s also provided me with a very lucrative income stream each month (around £600 extra each month!).

#2 E-Books

Another thing I’ve done is create ebooks; the 3 main ones are The 28 Day Keto Challenge, The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Personal Training Busines, and the LEP Recipe guides (6 different recipe books).

I sell these books via my blog and also give them to paying clients.

The 28 Day Keto Challenge has been by the most successful ebook in terms of the number of copies sold. This year alone i’ve sold 226 copies, at £10 a copy, that’s £2,260 in extra income. Not bad, hey? Especially for no work involved. I created the book years ago, and it continues to act as a form of passive income.

Coming in at a close second in sales, BUT more profitable, is my new ebook, which I wrote earlier this year, called The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Personal Training Business. To date, this ebook has sold 149 copies. At £18 per ebook, that’s generated me £2,682 in extra revenue. Even more than The 28 Day Keto Challenge!

So if you combine the Keto Challenge with The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Personal Training Business, these ebooks alone have generated £4,942 in extra income in just ten months, put another way around £500 extra per month!

#3 Hire Another Personal Trainer

This is something I’ve only recently done (around four months ago!), BUT It’s been great to help more people and grow my business. Any clients who I can’t take on, go to my new trainer. My trainer works for me on Thursday and Saturdays, and the plan is to get him fully booked up in 3-6 months.

Hiring another personal trainer can be a great way to take on more clients, make sure that the trainer you take on is somebody skilled and whom you trust.

When you take on a new trainer, it’s the opportunity to grow your business, and who knows in 3 years you may have 5-10 trainers working for you. I haven’t got this far, so I can’t comment, BUT you can see the potential?

When you take on a new personal trainer you could take 50% of the profit, so say your trainer is charging £50, that means you get £25 per session, not bad hey?

Let’s say your trainer is doing 20 sessions per week, that’s an extra £500 per week, or put another way £26k a year!

#4 Semi-Private Personal Training

There’s a massive demand for group personal training for two main reasons:

  • It Lowers The Cost For Clients
  • People Like To Train In Groups

There’s often a limit as to what you can charge as a one to one personal trainer; once you hit the upper pricing ceiling it’s difficult to keep increasing your prices (although not impossible!).

One way to increase your turnover is to offer semi-private coaching. Let’s say you charge £50 per 1-1 personal training session, BUT to train two people you charge £75 per session, or three people £90, or four people £100, etc, etc.

Group Personal Training is something I’ve done over the years, and it’s worked exceptionally well.

#5 Increase Your Prices

Once you get fully booked up, and especially when you’ve gotten some fantastic results and upped your game thanks to attending multiple training courses, and reading countless books… you deserve a pay rise!

I believe you should raise your prices with any new clients that you take on, and also with current clients. If you’ve worked your butt off and are providing a high-level service, your clients won’t mind paying extra.

I typically raise my prices by £5-£10 per session each year and have done for the last five years. 90% of people haven’t even batted an eyelid because they see the value in working with me.

Over the seven years, I’ve continued to improve my business, and the level of service offered to clients. My results and reputation have gotten better each year, and I’ve attended multiple training courses to increase my knowledge, which has given me the confidence to charge more.

I wrote a more in-depth article on how to raise your personal training prices I’d recommend checking it out as I share exactly what I do and what email I send to clients when I increase my rates.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions or need some help with any aspect of your personal training business, then please get in touch! There’s never a question too big or small!