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5 Ways to Market Your Personal Training Brand…

5 Ways to Market Your Personal Training Brand | LEP Fitness

Effective marketing of your brand requires you to adopt multiple strategies. There is no definitive way to go about promoting your brand. But there is a lot that you can do, such as maintaining an active social media presence, asking for reviews and referrals, developing your personal training app, distributing local flyers and putting up ads and partnering with other healthcare brands. 

A leading reason behind the failure of many brands is having zero clue about marketing. Hence, I bring you this article, which is a complete guide to market your personal training brand.

Be Active on Social Media

It’s 2019, and who would want to miss out on social media. There is nothing that you can’t do with social media. It has evolved from a “socialising” platform to a “business” platform. Hence, when it comes to promoting your business on it, it can spread in no time. 

To build your personal training platform, first, you need to set up your accounts on all the major platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn (if you want to make industry connections).

Second, set yourselves goals related to which platform you will use for what purposes. For instance, if you want to derive sales from your facebook page, then have content specific to goal only.

If you want your Instagram to be your personal account where you will share with your audience what your day-to-day look like, have content specific to this only. If you want twitter to engage with your audience’s queries, have content specific to that alone. 

Furthermore, you can promote your website on your social media by updating them if you have offered a new course or fitness program on it. By doing this, it will increase both traffic and engagement on your website and all other social media platforms.

But remember, consisting and quality posting is the key. You need to evaluate and identify how you would want to strategize your social media according to what your audience will look for. 

Reviews and Referrals From Clients

According to Creative Tim, 71% of users buy products/services that have positive referrals on social media. We cannot stress this enough how necessary it is to get your client reviews and referrals that will impact your brand positively. If you are letting go of your clients without having reviewed your brand or asking them to recommend, you are honestly limiting the growth and sales of your brand.

You can ask your clients for reviews once you are done with your fitness session or a workshop, online class, or a general information session that you took physically or online. You can ask your clients to provide reviews on your website, social media, or written.

As for the referrals, you can ask them how did they like your session, workshop, online class, or a lecture that they attended. If they loved it, you could immediately ask them to refer you among their circle.

You can introduce a review section in your app, where your clients can leave their valuable comments. 

Just let them know how dependent your business is on referrals and reviews since it provides service and not a commercial product. And I am sure they will not miss this crucial part.

Personal Training App

Mobile apps are a great way to market your business. You might be familiar with patient assistance apps that are commonly used in the field of healthcare to facilitate patients. For your personal training brand, you can get a similar mobile application developed to market your business, and provide exclusive content and experience to your audience. You can also gain more users by making it free. However, if you want to earn from it, you can offer in-app purchases, ad-space, promotional offers, etc. 

You can use as many features as you would, such as menu page, contact details, programs, videos, images, booking feature, and much more. However, make sure to not complicate the app for your users. Make it simple and easy to navigate. You can hire professional app developers who can help you make your app customizable, which will reflect your brand identity. 

Furthermore, to make sure your audience download your app and use it, you’ll have to make it look aesthetically pleasing. For that, you need to think about the following factors: 


Your logo should reflect your brand identity and should be enough on its own to attract users. So, it should be simple, creative, and timeless. You can have a slogan that defines your brand well. Lastly, make sure that your brand is versatile enough to go with not only your app but with other mediums as well, such as your website, pamphlets, flyers, business cards, etc.

Colour Palette

Ideally, your app should represent the colour palette that your brand uses. However, if you want to experiment more, you can have complimenting colours to that of your brands that you can use for your app. However, make sure that everything goes well together in the end and does not collide. It should not confuse your audience about your brand


Visually, not just images and videos play an essential role, typography also matters. There are multiple font styles that you can choose from. Whichever font you use for your app, make sure it is consistent throughout. 

Design Elements

Another aspect that is crucial for your app is the design elements that you are adding in your app. It is upon you to decide what vibe you would want to go with it. Regardless of your brand type, do you want to keep it professional, or do you want to keep it fun and quirky? Do you want to keep it old-school or would wish to have it modern touch? It will depend on you to either go for a sharp or soft look or a mixture of both.

So the ball is in your court, and you have to decide what shot do you want to take.

Local Flyers and Ads

Even though most businesses are moving to digital, offline marketing can still help them their brand grow; however, targeting a different audience who would prefer offline marketing rather than online. 

To promote your fitness brand offline, you can go about multiple ways:

  • You can place banner ads around your city
  • You can put flyers at various public locations where you are sure most people will check them
  • You can leave your business cards in events you attend
  • You can pitch your business on your local television where you can talk about your brand
  • You can circulate ads of your business on TV, radio, print media such as newspapers and magazines. 
  • You can approach fitness influencers and celebrities to become your brand ambassador and represent it wherever they can
  • You can organise ‘meet and greet’ for your followers and have them know you up close so that your name of the brand spreads further
  • You can launch your brand’s merchandise and sell them at affordable rates so that a large number of people can buy it.
  • You can place standees of your brand in different public and private institutions
  • You can also distribute pamphlets in your area
  • You can do on-ground activations in collaboration with health brands

There are countless other possibilities through which you can market your fitness brand. The only thing that matters is how you do it. You have to come up with creative and unique ideas that will attract people towards your marketing strategy.

Partnering up with Healthcare Brands

Another way to promote your personal training brand is to partner with other healthcare brands that have a substantial amount of user-base. Either you can partner with your local healthcare brands, or if you get lucky enough, you can partner with international brands.

Once you secure a partnership, you can promote your brand in many ways:

  • On-Ground Activation: You can conduct on-ground activations with your partner brand. You can plan activities for the visitors so that they engage with both the brands. You can distribute your merch as either giveaways or gifts. You can also distribute your business cards
  • Social Media Takeover: You can do social media takeovers of your partner brand, where you can either provide a short session on fitness or any of their audience’s preferred activity. From that, you can direct or attract a few of their user-base to your social media platforms.
  • Events on behalf of your partner brand: You can attend events, conferences, and other networking events on behalf of your partner, where you can also promote your personal training brand. You can also participate in these conferences as panel members where you can promote both your and your partner brand’s products
  • Launch joint campaign: You and your partner brand can come up with a joint advertisement where both of you can promote your respective brands
  • Workshops: You can organise either exclusive workshops to your partner brand employees or a general public workshop where on the one hand you can be the fitness guru and spokesperson for your brand, while on the other, you can promote your partner brand’s product. 

There are other ways as well to promote your brand through partnerships. Furthermore, you are not only limited to healthcare brands, but you can partner up with other brands as well. But you will have to come up with creative ways to put yourself out there. 

To sum up, there are multiple ways you can promote your personal training brand. It is up to you what channel you want to go through first. Those as mentioned above, five out of many ways through which you can make a presence in the market. However, you need to prioritize and align your marketing.

About the Author:

Emily Williamson is a Technical Writer at Goodcore Software. It is a bespoke software development company in the UK. We focused on helping entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses create competitive and winning software. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about technology innovation, mobile apps, and software solutions.