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50 Essential Tips for Personal Trainers and PT business Owners (Part 1)


50 ‘FREE’ Knowledge Bombs…

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For the next 5 weeks in a row, every Friday ill be posting 10 Awesome ‘Free’ Tips (50 knowledge bombs in total!) for personal trainers and PT business owners! I’ll be sharing  everything you need to know to become the best personal trainer in your area, get kick ass results with clients and run a prosperous personal training business! Here’s Part 1 of 5 and your first 10 tips…

1) Add MASSIVE frickin Value

People are coming to you because they want results, and they want value for money. Are you just providing 1-1 coaching or are you going the extra mile for your clients? Are you providing a 5 star service? a positive training environment that helps change the lives of the people your work with? are you e-mailing your clients with extra articles, videos, and blogs that can help them further? Always strive to provide the best service possible by adding value.

2) Know your stuff

Yep, you gotta know what your talking about! There are too many cowboys damaging our industry! You’ve got to make-sure that your qualified, and continue to learn your trade. You can do this through: books, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, online courses, private coaching, etc. Make-sure you keep investing time into becoming a better coach so you can get better results, subsequently generating happier customers and generating more business! Win.

3) Look the Part 

It’s amazing how many personal trainers spend so much time sculpting their bodies but when it comes to dress code…look as though they got dressed in the dark! You wouldn’t go into a Ferrari dealership and expect to see dirty cars on display would you? No you’d expect to see a red Ferrari exquisitely presented, with polished metal and perfect lighting – highlighting the cars beauty!

Wearing scraggy tracksuit pants, and dirty trainers is not a professional look. It’s so simple but not everybody does it. Make-sure you look the part, your clothes are clean and fresh looking. I’d also recommend getting your logo printed onto your clothing. Your representing your brand – let people know who you are and take pride in you, your appearance and your business.

4) Quit moaning 

Moaning never got anybody anywhere! Take responsibility for your own actions. The world owes us nothing. Clients don’t come to you (not right away anyhow!) you’ve got to go to them! You’ve got to hustle and work your but off, you don’t have time to moan. Take action and make some good sh*t happen.

5) Produce awesome content 

This is one way to attract new people into your personal training shop (so to speak!). It’s also a way to provide extra value to your current members, and show people that your an expert in your field. Provide written articles, blogs, video’s – whatever your preferred medium. Share free workouts, tips on nutrition, fat loss, muscle building, motivation, you name it (check out the LEP blog for some ideas!). You can provide content via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat. Think about what content can help your audience, make it engaging, and watch the new leads role in!

6) Invest in yourself 

I’ve figured out that so far i’ve invested £60,000 of my own money to help me become the best coach possible – read full story here. By paying people who know more than you for their time and knowledge you will jump the queue like a fast track ticket at Alton Towers! If you can’t afford to spend money right now, invest your time and tap into free resources: Phil Learney podcasts and Ben Coomber podcasts are a great place to start.

7) Provide a 5 Star Service 

The higher service offering you provide the more you can charge. Simple. Do you want to be a trainer working all hrs under the sun, constantly chasing your tale, delivering a below par service which severely jeopardises results and your long term business reputation? Thought not. It’s time to focus on quality not quantity.

Make sure that you are providing the highest level of service possible. I used to be that trainer doing 50 sessions per week! it sucked! In my opinion you cannot deliver more than 30hrs per week of outstanding coaching without  service quality declining. But what about money? ill lose out if i do less. Charge more! But clients wont pay? If your good enough and provide a high level of service they will… trust me. It’s time to deliver a 5 star service and up your game homie!

8) Look for Bad Ass Clients 

We’ve all come across those people who you cannot please for love nor money! Whatever you do will not be good enough. You’ll be blamed, it’s never their fault, it’s everyone else’s! Good clients will make your life richer, you’ll get results, they’ll refer you to friends, and say good things about you and your business! On the flip side energy draining clients will sap every ounce of energy you have and make your life miserable! Set the bar high, and ask yourself these questions: can I work with this person? are they willing to make a change? are they ready? look at their body language, tone of voice, the energy they give out. Do you like them? because your going to be spending a lot of time with them if you take them on.

9) Create a Cancellation policy

You’ve taken time to plan out your clients session and booked out an hr of your valuable time, then 10 minutes before they are due to train…. “sorry I can’t train today! the dog stole my car!” lol! Sorry but that’s Bull sh*t you just lost an hr of your time and its not fair on you and your business. I’d recommend writing out a ‘Cancellation Policy’ or what I call a ‘Fairness Policy’ where you clearly state the rules and values of your business and what you expect of clients who use your services. I’d recommend adding in a 24 hr cancellation policy. If you’d like me to send you a ‘cancellation policy template’ give me a holla by clicking here and ill send one over to you!

10) Network 

Be a busy body, speak to people, create opportunities! Your not going to get clients knocking on your door, your going to have to go out and knock on their’s! Build up relationships with people in the gym, go and help them, ask them how their training is going, give away some free, helpful advice – “try doing X and you’ll get better results!” Make sure to smile, be friendly, and approachable. Also get to know other people who can help your business, computer folks, business owners, other trainers, masseurs, physio’s, specialists, etc –  create a powerful network that opens up new doors.

Next Week… 

Make-sure to check in next Friday for part 2 and 10 more knowledge bombs!

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