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6 Creative Workout Ideas – No Gym Membership Needed!


“Variety Is The Spice of Life”

6 Creative Workout Ideas - No Gym Membership Needed!

Do you dislike the gym?

Are you getting bored of your workouts?

Would you like more variety and a bunch of different workouts to choose from?

If the answer was YES to any of the above then I have 6 Creative Workout Ideas to mix things up for you and which don’t require a gym membership!

#1 Sledge hammers

I pinched this idea of fitness model Greg Plitt! Surprisingly, sledge hammers are a great tool to use if you want to have a good muscle workout and improve cardiovascular fitness. I love to use them in my back garden, especially on a sunny day. Try these 3 awesome exercises…

Sledge Hammer Fly’s – 3 sets x 12-15 reps

Sledge Hammer Push Ups – 3 sets x 12-15 reps

Tire Slams – 3 sets x 20-30 slams 

#2 Resistance Bands

One of my favourite pieces of kit when i’m on the road or on holiday. They are easy to store, weigh little (so you won’t be charged for excess baggage at the airport!) and they allow you to train every muscle in the body no matter where you are in the world! Try these 20 different resistance band exercises…

#3 Park Workout 

Last year, over the summer months I would run to Endcliffe Park and do a full body weights circuit. There are lots of parks which now have mini outdoor gym facilities, but if your park doesn’t, you can still get a great workout in – use a park bench to do some dips + do some sprints and lunges on a field. For more Park Workout ideas feel free to pinch some of the exercises in the video below…

#4 Kettlebells 

Another great piece of kit which you can store in your home. You could do a workout in your garage or in the back yard, or if you have enough space in your front room (just watch you don’t smash the TV!)

#5 Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are amazing for many reasons, for one you don’t need any equipment, which means you don’t spend any money! Another benefit is that you can do these exercises anytime, anywhere – whether that’s on holiday, in your lounge or in a hotel room whilst you’re away with work. Give this full bodyweight circuit a blast….

#6 Football

You can call me a BIG kid but I don’t care! Last year I bought a football net for the backyard so I could go back to being a 5 year old again – pretending to play at Wembley! lol! Having a kick about with your mates at the park , or playing headers and volleys on the street can be a great way to burn some extra calories and boost cardiovascular fitness. Feel free to laugh at my footballing skills (i’m no Lionel Messi lol!)

Working Out Needs To Be Fun…

Now I love the gym, but I also understand….“it’s not everybody’s cup of tea!” – as the Northerners say! In fact the gym can be quite intimidating, and claustrophobic – full of sweaty men and women! But hopefully after reading this post you’ll now have more ideas to play with so you can keep your workouts fun and interesting!

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Nick 🙂