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6 Easy Ways for Stay-At-Home Moms to Lose Weight

6 Easy Ways for Stay-At-Home Moms to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re a full-time mum! 

You’ve got tiredness, fatigue, and potentially many sleepless nights – all of this combined makes weight loss extra challenging. 

When you’re always tired, stressed, and worried it’s very easy to pile on the pounds. For one, your body releases more stress hormones, which puts your body in flight or fight mode. When this happens, your digestive systems slows down, not only making you feel bloated and sluggish, but it also means your body is more susceptible to storing excess calories (in all the wrong places – legs, bums, tum!). 

Another major problem you face is making healthy nutritional decisions because you lack time to cook and are always on the go! I get that you’re tired and stressed, and when this happens…you’re going to naturally reach for sugary snacks, for example, grabbing a bar of chocolate! 

All of these factors combined make it very easy to pile on the pounds, BUT far more challenging to lose them!

That said, please don’t lose heart because I have 6 Easy Ways for Stay-At-Home Moms to Lose weight. 

#1 Make Working Out A Priority 

I know it can be hard taking time out, but could you call upon some extra help for a few hours each week so that you can go to the gym? Perhaps your husband could babysit at the weekend while you go to a gym class – you can join a gym for only 38.99 per month here you’ll be able to attend classes such as boxercise, spin, and circuits. These activities will help tone up your muscles, boost fitness, and improve your mental health – which is equally as important! 

#2 Get Outdoors 

When you’re trapped inside the house all day, it’s very easy to feel depressed. Getting outside for at least 30-60 minutes each day will do wonders for both your mental and physical health. You could go for a 30-minute walk in the afternoon, while your baby sleeps, or perhaps you could walk to the park. The most important thing is to get moving, that way you’ll burn calories, and destress. 

#3 Choose Quick And Healthy Snacks

If you love cooking and truly value spending time in the kitchen, then I’m sure you’ll still find a way to cook wholesome meals from scratch. That said, if you’re like lots of mums, I’m sure cooking has decreased since becoming a parent? I bet you’re eating more convenient based foods such as takeouts, or meals that you can stick in a microwave? If this is you, then I don’t blame you! I get that you have limited time.

That said, if you want to lose weight, improve cognitive functioning, and feel better about yourself, both inside and out then here are some suggestions:

Snack on fruit – easy to grab. Bananas and apples are excellent choices.

Eat nuts for breakfast – grabbing a handful of nuts is quick and easy, and nuts have been labeled a ‘brain food’ – meaning they improve cognitive functioning – essential when you want to be a Supermum! 

Protein – when you can try and have some protein, whether that’s a piece of chicken you cook in the oven, or a quick protein shake or a protein bar. Protein will keep you fuller for longer and help you build lean muscle and burn fat. 

#4 Home Workouts

If going to the gym isn’t an option, or you can’t afford to spend £30+ on a monthly gym membership, don’t worry. There are plenty of things that you can do at home. For example, you can do bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, plank, and burpees (yes, I said burpees!).

Another thing I’d recommend is buying some resistance bands – for £10 you can buy them online and do over 50 exercises in the comfort of your living room. 

#5 Get Some Extra Help

If you have any specific questions, then please drop me an email, I’d be delighted to help answer any questions you may have. Support plays a very important role in a weight loss plan, and reaching out to an expert personal trainer or fitness coach can help speed up your results. 

If you can afford it – why not hire a personal trainer? Or maybe an online personal trainer – which is often more affordable. Either way hiring an expert is a sure way to speed up your weight loss efforts. 

#6 Utilise Free Apps

There are tons of apps you can download to help you shed the pounds. I’d recommend downloading MyFitnessPal to track your calories, foods, and meals. I’d also recommend an app called ‘Interval Timer’ – here you can create interval workouts, which only take 10-20 minutes to complete (perfect for busy mums!).