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6 Simple Steps For Guys Who Want A Six Pack . . .


Do you want the good news or the good news?

The good news is that everybody has a 6 pack.

Yes! absolutely every living breathing, homo sapien species on our plant has a 6 pack!

With my help we are going to reveal the secrets you need to know so you can start to cultivate your chiseled abdomen.

Before I share with you the 6 Simple Steps For Guys Who Want A Six Pack it is important to quickly touch upon a few key areas.  Think of this as laying the foundation before building your dream mansion.

Time Frame To 6 Pack

Where do you fall on the scale below?


Category A 

Time Frame to 6 Pack : 6 to 18 months

If you fall in this category it is important to come to terms with the fact that no matter what you do, even if Arnold Schwarzenegger is your coach and you train 2x per day, 7 days a week, it is going to take you a longer time frame to achieve a six pack. The further down you are on the spectrum the longer it is going to take.

Don’t be disheartened, accept that the journey is a long, but also achievable if you break it down into smaller steps like the ones I am about to share.

Category B

Time Frame to 6 Pack : 3 to 6 months

You are probably looking at a 12 to 24 week transformation time frame.

Category C

Time Frame to 6 Pack : 1 to 3 months

You are very lucky and close to achieving the 6 pack look already. You may already see the faint outlines of your abdominal muscles.

The 6 Simple Steps For Guys Who Want A Six Pack

Step 1: Weight Training 

Weight training if performed correctly is single handedly the best way to improve your body composition i.e. build muscle, improve muscle shape and size, and burn fat. Resistance training, regardless of whether you are in category A, B or C is going to be a key ingredient to your six pack success. Master and focus on compound movements like the squat, dead lift, bent over row and bench press. If you don’t know how to lift, hire a coach.

It is a fact that the more muscle tissue you have the more calories you are going to burn. Many of you are afraid to lift weights in fear of getting too BIG! trust me when I say it is extremely difficult to grow muscle. I have trained hundreds of people and no one ever got too BIG! lol

Lift! Lift! Lift!

No matter your training experience, whether you are a beginner or an advanced trainee I would always recommend hiring a highly qualified personal trainer. Especially if you are a newbie, you will progress far quicker. A great personal trainer will  be able to pin point exactly what YOU need.

Do you want to jump the que? Then hiring a mentor is an absolute must!

Step 2: Core Training For Abs 

You need to work your core muscles so that when your body fat gets low enough (below 12%) you will be able to see your ab muscles. Those muscles are only going to be sculpted if you train them properly!

3 Reasons Why You Should Train Core :

  1. Improves reaction speed and mental function. Your spine is the messenger between body and brain. Having a stable and aligned spine allows your brain to receive messages more efficiently.
  2. A strong core makes you less vulnerable to back injuries.
  3. The stronger your core, the taller and leaner you will look because this muscular scaffolding holds your belly and lengthens your skeleton.

Core Exercises :

If I had a penny for every core exercise out there I would be the wealthiest man in the UK! There are sooooo many exercises but here are the best ones . . .

Beginners to intermediates : I would focus on stabilising exercises like the front plank and side plank variations. I would also master the crunch.

Advanced : Focus on all of the above and throw in some hanging leg raises and cable rope crunch variations.

How Many Reps For A 6 Pack?

I would advise sticking to higher reps for core workouts, anything from 15-25 reps per exercise.

Step 3: Six Pack Cardio!

Cardio can be a great  tool to help you shift excess body fat.

How Many Cardio Sessions Do I Need Each Week? 


2  Main Types of Cardio :

  1. LISS : Low Intensity Steady State
  2. HIIT : High Intensity Interval Training

Both types of cardiovascular training can be used to lose excess body fat. If you are a highly stressed individual I would usually advise doing LISS training on a cross trainer, fitness bike or step machine for anywhere between 20-60 minutes, aiming to keep your maximum HR (Heart Rate) between 40% and 50% for the entire 20-60 minute session.

If your stress levels are moderate to low I would advise HIIT training, from anywhere between 5-20 minutes. Train at high intensity intervals lasting between 10-20s, working to your maximum capacity (70%-80%). Once you have completed your 10-20s sprint either rest or slow down until you reach adequate recovery to go again (usually 20-60s rest). I would recommend using a Watson Bike as it is easy to set periods of intervals.

How To Figure Out Your Maximum Hear Rate?

220-age = MHR (Maximum Hear Rate)

Say you are 30 years old . . .

220-30 = 190 MHR

Step 4: Rest and Recovery

Stress will halt your six pack progress like a traffic jam halts your journey to work! if you fail to manage it.

Highly stressed individuals with high levels of body fat may find it difficult to lose bodyfat, due to  higher level of cortisol that circulate the blood stream. When we are chronically  stressed our bodies shut down, go into storage/survival mode, our digestion shuts down, and we fail to build muscle and burn fat. Our bodies main communication system to lose fat (hormones) become out of sink and body fat gets stored faster than you can count to 10!

Stress is Stress!

What you have to remember is exercise is also a stress on the body. Rest and recovery are absolutely imperative to gaining a 6 pack. Rest and recovery techniques includes:

  • Nutritious nutrient supply from the diet to help muscles repair and support hormonal function
  • Quality REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep : 7-10hrs per night
  • Recovery Strategies : massage, baths, epsom salts, foam rolling

Most of us spend time stressing about things that never happen! and if they do happen they are often not as stressful as we thought!

Eradicate the stresses that you can control:

  • Ditch the caffeine
  • Bin the sugary snacks
  • Get to bed before 10.30pm
  • Learn how to turn a negative into a positive (click here)

Step 5: ABS Nutrition 

You may have boulders, 6 thick abdominal muscles with perfect shape and symmetry, but if your body fat is the north side of 12% you are not going to see your core muscles at all! That is a fact.

Nutrition is the hardest aspect for most of us to grasp, as it requires time, effort and the discipline to stay on track.

Top Nutritional Tips For a 6 Pack

  1. Consume a palm sized portion of protein with each meal (chicken, eggs, turkey, steak, ostrich, lamb, salmon, cod, mince meat, etc). You will feel fuller for longer, and consume less food.
  2. Cook foods in healthy fats (coconut oil, rapeseed, olive, flaxseed, real butter!). This will help you stay full, improve testosterone levels and improve brain functioning throughout the day.
  3. Keep vegetable content high with every meal (spinach, peppers, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, kale, peas, lettuce, etc). Fibre will help flush rubbish out of your system. Vegetables also neutralise the acids in your body (acids prevent fat loss), and reduce inflammation.
  4. Drink 2-4 litres of water per day : this will help flush out toxins from your system so you can mobilise them for fat loss.
  5. Enjoy a treat once a week. No food is of limits. Be good, stay on track and then enjoy a meal of your choice each week.

Diet is the hardest key to find! If you would like me to design you a fully customised meal plan please click here 

Step 6: The Ultimate Secret . . .

6 minute abs? or the get lean in 7 day diet plan? Lose 30lbs in a week diet?

This stuff sells right? because it plays on the notion that there is a quick fix and that if we do exactly what it says on the tin, we to will have the results. You end up following the plan like a devout Christian follows the Bible, but the result is never quite what you imagined.

You put in the graft, made sacrifices such as time and spent money, but your result went down like a lead ballon.

Unfortunately The secret that nobody wants to hear . . .

The secret to getting a 6 pack is . . .


You cannot get round this . . .


People believe the ingredients to success can be bottled up into a concoction and sold, whilst this may be true for medicines and certain commodities as far as your body is concerned its a load of mumbo jumbo! or in other words . . . cr*p.

Being consistently disciplined at least 80% of the time will bring you the fruit of your labour, I am willing to bet you my life savings! If you are looking for a quick fix, I am afraid you have more chance of finding your way out of Pans Labyrinth and blind folded !. . . it is just never going to happen.

Look at the BIG picture, set yourself up for the long term. Life is a marathon not a sprint.

Remember to keep this in mind . . .


I hope you have enjoyed 6 Simple Steps For Guys Who Want A Six Pack . If your looking for somebody to mentor and guide you through each stage, with full support, education, motivation, you name it I will help you every way I can, then please contact me immediately.

If you are based in Sheffield I can help you on a 1-1 personal training basis, I can also design you a specific custom meal plan , I can also help you via our online coaching systems, where we communicate through Skype, telephone and e-mail.