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6 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself…

6 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. After all there’s only ever going to be one person with you every moment of your life, from start to finish…and that’s the voice inside your head, or put another way YOU.

So often we treat ourselves poorly, we criticise ourself when we mess up, judge our tummy roles, compare ourselves to others, and just generally make ourselves feel like we’re failing. If we spoke to people like the way we speak to ourselves we wouldn’t have any friends, so why do we do it?

To be happy you’ve got to build a loving relationship with yourself and have your own back through thick and thin. In this post i’m going to give you 6 ways to do just that…

6 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself…

#1 Love your imperfections

If you look for perfection you’ll never be content because it doesn’t exist and there’s always room for improvement. Embrace your flaws and be proud of who you are. There’s nobody out there like you. You are unique. You are special. Don’t try to change for anybody but yourself.

#2 Don’t worry about what other people think

People are going to judge you, after all do you not judge others? it’s human nature. If you are overweight, people will call you Fat. If you’re body is amazing, people will call you arrogant and a show off! and if your body is average, people will say you need to up your game. Lol, you can’t win at this game because not everybody is going to like you and we all have a different opinions of what’s right and wrong, and what looks good and what doesn’t. You don’t need love or approval from anybody else, you only need it from yourself.

#3 Don’t try to be like someone else

Enjoy your uniqueness and individuality. It’s impossible to be like anybody else because everybody is totally different, we come from different backgrounds, have different hobbies, and interests, different genetics: hair colour, eye colour, height, weight, skin tone, you name it! Embrace your own style and identity because it’s frickin cool to be authentic.

#4 Never let somebodies negative opinion of you become your own negative opinion about you

People will judge you through the lens of their world. They will say hurtful things to upset you, this has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. When somebody says something negative about you it’s because they are likely: jealous, bitter, spiteful, and hurting inside, people like this get energy by pulling others down. No opinion really matters other than the opinion you have of yourself.

#5 If you’re feeling low, get off social media

Social media is the worst place to be when you’re feeling low about yourself. All these people (most of whom aren’t in your real life) all sharing smiley pictures, going on fancy holidays and flaunting their tanned, airbrushed bikini bodies! lol! It will only make your feel worse.

Disconnected from social media and focus on spending quality time with yourself. Take a bath, walk. talk, read. write, chill, go to the gym, focus on YOU not on somebody else’s life.

Social media is a highlight real, it’s the edited version of other peoples lives. When you see all of your friends only sharing the best bits, and you feel like your life sucks, it will only bring you down further. Realise social media for what it is and come off it for a period of time if it’s making you feel worse.

#6 Ditch Technology for at least 2 hours per day

Turn off your phone, put it away in a drawer. Your emails will still be there when you go back to them, your notifications wont disappear, the world won’t end!

Ditch the phone, the laptop and the TV and instead focus on living like you’re in the pre-tech era. Go play tennis with a friend, play Monopoly, dance like no ones watching, go for a round of golf, or to the snooker club, walk around the park, give your old clothes to a charity shop, buy a homeless person a coffee or sandwich, write a letter to somebody you love, have a candle lit bath. When you do activities like these just watch how liberated you feel. 

Thanks for reading, much love

Nick x