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7 Positive Effects Of CBD On Exercise


Is everyone at your gym discussing CBD and its benefits?

Do you wonder how it can benefit you?

If you are here, it is safe to assume that your questions are still unanswered.

With the recent legalization and widespread awareness of its benefits, CBD has managed to secure a safe place in every household. The latest addition to the never-ending list of users is fitness enthusiasts.

More and more people now realize the benefits that this cannabis by-product can offer while exercising. If you are wondering how CBD can positively affect your exercises, read on to find out. 

7 Positive Effects Of CBD On Exercise

What is CBD?

Before we delve deeper into the fitness arena, do you know what CBD is? The cannabis plant contains more than one hundred different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. It is the composition of these cannabinoids that decides how the plant will affect you.

Among the plenty, CBD or Cannabidiol is the predominant one. It is a medicinal compound that makes cannabis a therapeutic plant. The benefits of this cannabinoid might help people combat many physical and mental ailments.

If you are worrying about whether it is safe to use CBD, you can rest assured. It is a non-psychoactive compound, which means that it will not induce a mind-altering high. Rather, CBD can help counter the high of another psychoactive compound called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

The manufacturers use cannabis plants to extract CBD. They use a rigorous Co2 extraction process to derive the CBD oil from the plant. It is available in the form of extract, oil, edibles, and even topicals. If you are looking for regulated doses, you can also get 25mg of full spectrum CBD in each capsule.  

What are the positive effects of CBD on exercise?

If you are into exercising, CBD oil for fitness may help you out. Here are a few positive effects of CBD on the workout:

1. May combat pain:

Lifting too much weight or overdoing any exercise may lead to pain and discomfort. The excruciating pain can hinder you from exercising and affect your progress. While you may want to resort to artificial painkillers, they come with a whole set of side-effects.

Here, CBD may help you recover from pain naturally. When you ingest CBD, the cannabinoids enter your body and communicate with the endocannabinoid system, the system present in your body that decides how you feel or react to external stimuli.

It can also control your mood, appetite, immunity, and reproductive health. The system produces cannabinoids that are identical to the ones present in cannabis. These cannabinoids bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors present in your cells, hormones, and organs and change how you feel. Similarly, CBD can also interact with receptors to alter how you react to pain. It can reduce pain and inflammation naturally.

2. May reduce soreness:

Muscle soreness is part and parcel of exercise. Many fitness enthusiasts often complain about soreness in muscles after doing a strenuous workout. People also call it Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and it happens due to the lack of oxygen in their veins.

The cannabinoid CBD may come to your rescue here. It might help improve the flow of blood and reduce the tension from your arteries. Your muscles may get more oxygen, and it may avoid soreness. Besides that, CBD can stay in the body for a long period and help alleviate the discomfort and stiffness long after you are done with the workout. 

You may also want to combine stretching, mobility work, and relaxing activities such as taking a warm bath in the evenings to help you recover. While CBD can help, it works best when combined with other recovery strategies.

3. May help you recover quickly:

Athletes injure themselves too often while exercising in the gym. If you are one of them, CBD may be a god-sent for you. 

People have been using the cannabis plant for centuries to treat wounds. It is the presence of cannabinoid CBD in cannabis that comes to help here. In case of an injury, CBD might repair the damaged epidermal tissues. Besides that, with regular CBD consumption, you can feel more relaxed and sleep better at night. It will further help speed up the recovery process.

4. Might help ease performance anxiety:

Are you having trouble doing a difficult exercise or have a big competition coming up? Is it making you nervous or anxious? Well, it is quite common for athletes to feel the pressure and get nervous. It can impact your confidence level as well as your performance. If you don’t want your performance to get affected, you might want to try CBD.

Experts believe that CBD is a natural relaxant and it may help calm your mind and body and keep anxious thoughts at bay. According to studies, CBD can help people with anxiety by reducing the symptoms of anxiety disorder. You may be able to perform better with a calm mind.

5.  May increase energy levels:

A majority of people get into exercising to build muscles. While they focus on weights and exercises, they tend to forget that the presence of testosterone hormone can majorly determine how and when the muscles will grow. Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone, but even women can have a small amount of it present in them.

If that information came as a shock to you, you might be astonished to know that CBD may boost the testosterone levels. You may feel a sudden boost of energy and will be able to perform better after consuming CBD.   

6. Can boost appetite:

For a better workout session, you need to have sufficient energy. You need to have a proper diet and stay hydrated for that. If you feel you aren’t able to eat much and want to boost your appetite, give CBD a try. 

The cannabinoid CBD can help increase the metabolism process. Your body may be able to digest the food and turn it into energy much faster. You will feel hungry and it will make you eat more than usual. It is due to the same reason that cannabis users often feel hungry or need ‘munchies’ after smoking the herb. Whether you are planning to bulk up or simply increase food intake, CBD may be of great help. 

CBD is a popular supplement with many bodybuilders who are in an offseason and wanting to pack on some serious muscle mass. One of the things that bodybuilders struggle with is eating enough calories from clean foods. CBD oil may help boost appetite which is ideal for those looking to gain weight.

7. Might improve mind-muscle coordination:

While exercising, you don’t just need a healthy mind and body, but also strong coordination between the two. Your brain and muscles must work together to achieve the desired goals and reduce the chances of injury.

Using CBD can take you into a zone of deep focus and concentration. It may heighten all of your senses and relax the muscles to ensure better coordination. Your performance might also improve with better cognition.

Final Thoughts

CBD and its therapeutic properties have been helping thousands of people around the globe. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can also benefit greatly from it. It can help them in boosting their energy, appetite, helping them recover injuries, soreness, and fatigue.

According to CBD users, it can significantly enhance their performance and help them excel. If you are wondering about trying the cannabinoid along with your exercise routine, now is the time. Get your hands on the best CBD and products infused with it today to enjoy its many benefits. But, make sure you consult your doctor and trainer before using it.   

Also, remember that supplements are only a part of the puzzle. Looking after your health through proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep should always be the primary focus.

P.S. this article was last updated on the 31st January 2021 – amendments have been made to ensure the content is up to date and contains the latest scientific information.