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8 Reasons Why Outdoor Activities Can Boost Your Health

8 Reasons Why Outdoor Activities Can Boost Your Health

It’s no secret that spending time in nature can lead to a myriad of health benefits. We as human beings are ’ designed ’ to be active and to be always on the move. This is the main reason why a sedentary lifestyle that so many of us lead can cause serious damage to our overall health and well-being. What many people don’t realise is that it’s not just about our bodies, but our minds also suffer when we’re inactive for longer periods of time. 

Physicians and other health care experts all across the globe are constantly preaching about the importance of staying in motion and spending more time outdoors, but what exactly is it that happens with our bodies when we’re engaged in such activities? In this article, we’re going to answer this exact question…

Stress Relieving

It’s scientifically proven that outdoor activities can be of huge help in relieving symptoms of stress and burnout. In today’s world more and more people around the globe report that they feel more stressed-out than ever before. But what most of them don’t realise is that in some instances the cure for this symptom can be very easily found, by engaging in some kind of outdoor activity. Walking, hiking, jogging, or biking in nature can truly be helpful for all of these issues.

Stress is a complicated subject (far beyond the scope of this article). If you would like a more thorough guide on how to relieve your stress in 2020, I would recommend looking at the Stress.App – this guide will explain the different types of stresses and how best to cope with them. 

Improved Short-Term Memory

Improved Short-Term Memory

There are also reports that tell us how these outdoor activities can lead to an improvement in short-term memory. Spending time in nature broadens our horizons, and being active on top of it can mean a great deal for our mental health in general. These improvements in short-term memory can really mean a lot while performing our usual daily activities.

Outdoor Activities Reduce Inflammation Processes

It’s not just that our mental health and cognitive abilities improve when we’re engaged in outdoor activities, but our bodies reap the benefits from this as well. Any type of outdoor activity can help reduce inflammation processes. Because being active boosts the immune system, and it helps the body take care of any infection or disease that’s attacking us.

Faster Healing

Faster Healing

Speaking of benefits of staying active whilst being outdoors, it’s also been reported that people tend to heal faster, after an injury or a disease. For instance, if you’ve suffered a trauma or a physical injury, it’s always advisable to include some form of light outdoor sports activities. Of course, good physical therapy, like the one that Movement 101 provides are crucial here, but spending time and being active in nature can also help a great deal.

We Tend to Feel Less Fatigued

We’ve all been through it and can testify that being fatigued is no fun at all. We can suffer from these symptoms equally on both levels – mental and physical. Luckily, there are certain things we can do in this regard, and one of them involves outdoor activities. The more you’re active, the more energy you’ll have throughout the day. 

Spending Time In Nature Fends Off Depression and Anxiety

If you’re feeling anxious and depressed, maybe you should try engaging in some form of physical activity that’s connected to outdoors. Spending time in nature can improve our moods while being active can also help fight off anxiety and depression symptoms in lots of people. It’s important to note that we’re not professionals in this area, and if you suffer from severe symptoms of depression and anxiety we strongly advise you to talk to the licensed therapist or a physician.

Lower Blood Pressure

One way of lowering your blood pressure can consist of staying active on a regular basis. Again, we’re not telling you that you can cure any possible ailments only by performing outdoor exercises such as biking, swimming, jogging, or walking, but we’re merely suggesting that there’s a proven correlation between lower blood pressure and staying active.

Creativity Boost

Creativity Boost

Another great benefit of spending time in nature and putting your body through motion is a creativity boost that some people report. As we’ve already mentioned, being outdoors broadens your horizons, and you become prone to thinking outside of the box. This can help immensely with becoming more creative. So, in case you’re suffering from writer’s block, now you know what to do: just go outside for a quick jog around the neighborhood, and new ideas will be pouring left and right. 

In Conclusion

We’ve all heard it at least a million times: spending more time in nature and being active can do wonders for your overall health. But what we maybe don’t hear as often is how and why exactly this happens. That’s why we’ve given you 8 reasons why outdoor activities can boost your health.

You can see all kinds of benefits from this: starting from stress relief, improved short-term memory, putting inflammation processes that happen in our bodies under control, faster healing, feeling less fatigued, depressed, and anxious, and all the way to having normal blood pressure and boosted creativity levels!