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8 simple ways to stay healthy at work…

8 simple ways to stay healthy at  work...

We spend so much of our lives at work. Sometimes it seems to completely take over everything, but that should never be used as an excuse not to stay fit and healthy. Here are our eight simple ways to maintain your health while at work.

#1 Maintain good posture

If you’re sitting hunched over your desk for eight hours a day, it isn’t going to be good for your back. If you have to sit, make sure you’re doing so in way that helps your posture. If you’re not sure on the correct way, speak to your HR department as they’ll be able to show you. Consider an ergonomic chair that works with your body shape and even investigate in a stand-up desk. Office chairs that are fitted with wheels from Tente, for example, will ensure your chair is safe and works with your body.

#2 Drink plenty of water

It’s suggested that you need to drink between six and eight cups of water a day to keep yourself adequately hydrated. This is especially important when you’re in the stuffy and unnatural atmosphere of the office.

#3 Eat well

It’s too tempting to nip out and get a pre-packed sandwich or a meal deal with a packet of crisps. It’s also far too easy to grab a chocolate bar on the go for that much needed energy boost between meetings. It doesn’t help your health and fitness aspirations, however. Bring your own lunch to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and snack on things such as mixed nuts for a natural energy boost.

#4 Cut back on your caffeine intake

Work and coffee go hand in hand, unfortunately good health and too much caffeine don’t. Too many cups of Joe can make you feel jittery, anxious, nauseous and can increase your heart rate, which won’t help you at work. Consuming caffeine after lunch can also affect the quality of sleep you get which will increase your stress levels.

#5 Keep your workstation clean

Germs can gather on your keyboard, on your mouse and on your phone. Keep sanitising wipes in your draw to ensure your workstation is germ free at the end of each day. This should help you combat things like colds that are easily spread in the office environment.

#6 Take breaks

You might think that eating your lunch at your desk shows how committed and dedicated you are to your job, but it isn’t a productive practice in the long run. If you work on through and don’t take a break, you’ll likely begin to feel lethargic and will struggle to think and be creative. Have a proper break at lunch and get outside. You and your work will see the benefit in the afternoon.

#7 Stand up

Sitting down all day isn’t good for your health. Your body needs to move to burn off the calories you take on during the day. If you’re struggling with a work problem, get out of your seat and stretch your legs around the office. It will help with your energy levels and hopefully give you new perspective on your problem. If you’re having a quick meeting, do it standing up rather than slumping in the boardroom chairs.

#8 Learn how to recognise the signs of stress

In a pressurised work environment, stress can quickly creep up and begin to affect your mental health. It’s vital that you notice it when the first signs begin. Things to look out for include:

  • Low energy
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat

You can learn more about the symptoms of stress from Mind, the Mental Health Charity.

When work is a big part of your life, you can’t let it take over your health and well-being.