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8 things ‘I don’t do’ in life – to make my life richer and more beautiful…

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1) I don’t take life for granted

Do you know how lucky you are to be reading this sentence right now? have you taken a minute to appreciate how lucky you are to have a pair of eyes that can see the world? There are people who don’t have the ability to see this post. There are also people in the world who are starving, have just lost a loved one, lost a limb, and a host of other devastating problems happening right now as I write this sentence. My life may not be perfect but by heck do I appreciate how lucky I am: an amazing family, gorgeous partner, beautiful home, the ability to walk, talk, read, write, think, speak – holy sh*t I’m lucky! and so are you.

2) I don’t Hang out with energy Zappers! 

I wrote a post on this topic recently and it struck a cord with a handful of readers – read full post here. If you hang out with negative people who moan about life and talk ill of others all the time… what effect do you think this will have on your mindset and mental well-being? People like this will pull you down like a sinking ship (watched the Titanic the other day hence the analogy! what a great film. Defoe didn’t cry – it was hay fever! :p)

3) I don’t Let things I can’t control worry me

There are many more things in life that we cannot control than what we can. The weather, what other people think of us, tragedies, economic climate, I mean the list could go on for months! It’s ok to worry, and human nature – when something happens outside of my control which affects my life I do initially worry, but then I soon realise that I have 0 or very little control over the situation and accept…

  • Option 1: I keep moaning about it, let it wind me up, and feel hard done by!
  • Option 2: I accept the situation for what it is, and move on by pragmatically dealing with the issue at hand

4) I don’t expect anything for free

Whether that’s gaining respect, love or business. I have to work for it and I have to invest first before I get a return on my investment. I have to build relationships with clients, provide a 5 star service and “go the extra mile” in order to gain long term respect. If I want to improve my business I know I have to put my hand in my pocket and invest with a coach who knows more than me – read Why I Spent £60,000 to Become The Very Best Version Of Me! As well as financially I know I have to invest continued time and effort.

5) I don’t moan about the results I didn’t get when I haven’t put in the work

If I don’t watch my diet, and I over indulge for a few weeks I don’t beat myself up for not having a 6 pack! It’s crazy to do so if you think about it. I accept that when I over eat rubbish for a period of time my body fat levels will rise. At the time of the decision i.e. do i eat junk or don’t I? I weigh up the pro’s and con’s and then make a decision and accept consequences i.e.

  • Option 1: eat rubbish = taste good but gain fat
  • Option 2: refrain from junk = abs! however at times I feel more restricted

Of course this is an extreme black and white example (there are many grey area’s in between!) but you catch my drift? Wanting to become a successful millionaire entrepreneur when you lie-in bed until 12pm at the weekends! and spend all your money on clothes and booze is like expecting a cat to bark like a dog…. it just ain’t going to happen! (Unless your like one of those kids from Made in Chelsea! A guilty pleasure of mine that show. Love it!). Everything has a pro and con to it. Weigh up both, write down a list and then accept the consequences your actions are likely to lead too (is it *to or *too? I never blooming know!).

6) I don’t sit still – I keep moving forward

Everyday is an opportunity to step closer towards my goals. I ask myself pertinent questions like…

  • What have/are you you doing today to move you forward?
  • What books are you reading?
  • Who are you spending your time with?
  • What podcasts are you listening to?
  • What opportunities are you creating?
  • What future planning are you doing?

7) I don’t let the opinions of others affect my thoughts about who I am, what I stand for and what actions I take

“What other people think of you is none of your business!”. Your going to get judged no matter what, there will be people you can never please, people who judge you for being overweight, for being skinny, for being muscular, for being smart, dumb, wealthy, poor, you name it jabroni! It’s good to get the opinions of people you respect and trust but make-sure that you make the final decision about what makes you happy. True Story: At times  members of my family have said I look too big at other times too skinny (what I thought was ripped! haha!) to me all that matters is that i’m happy.

8) I don’t let myself stay unhappy for very long

It’s okay not to be okay…okay! We all have our down days, it’s human nature to feel worry, anxiety, and all the other unpleasant emotions – it makes us human and allows us to connect and empathise with ourselves and others – a beautifully endearing trait. I allow myself to worry if necessary but I put a limit on the time I spend feeling unhappy, once the hurricane emotion has hit me, I sit back reflect, maybe jot down my thoughts and feelings into my journal and then move on. Don’t feel guilty for being down or unhappy, remember that thoughts are just thoughts – they cannot physically harm us. Accept them for what they are and move on quickly.

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