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8 Week Holiday Transformation…


I recently got back from my holiday to Lake Como (the most beautiful place I have ever seen!)

Leading up to the holiday I put myself through an intensive 8 week fat loss phase.

Here was the end result of my 8 Week Holiday Transformation  . . .


What Did I Do?

  • Train 9x per week (Weights Monday-Saturday + cardio sessions added on top)
  • Stuck to protein and fat based foods 4-5 days per week (meat, fish, veg, nuts and healthy oils)
  • Included carbohydrates only when needed (on big training days and when my muscles looked flat)
  • Worked my butt off!


  • 224 meals consumed (202 clean meals + 22 cheat meals/refeeds)
  • 48 weights sessions
  • 24 cardio sessions
  • Around 252 litres of water

Lessons Learnt:

  • Consistency is KEY : 90% of my meals came from clean food sources (meat, fish, veg, etc). Remember it’s not one meal that makes you obese nor is it one meal that gets you lean. The body does not lie, if you abuse it over time it’s going to show and vice versa . . .
  • Train hard : you can only train hard by 1) putting in the right fuel (nutrition) and 2) having the right mindset to push your boundaries.
  • Listen to your body : there were some days when I didn’t feel like training (joint aches, poor sleep) however I pushed on, in hindsight I should have back off and rested! Recovery is key.
  • Avoid running : I decided to start running the last 2 weeks, in hindsight I would have picked another form of cardio (low impact) as the high impact of running made my knees ache.
  • Off days : there were days when I felt like giving in but the further into the journey you go the less likely you are to stop and the more you have to lose. It’s like you have climbed half the mountain and can see the top, so why on earth would you want to go back to the bottom and start all over again? Keep at it, know that results will happen if you CONSISTENTLY do the right things. . .
  • Slow and sustainable wins every time : The first few weeks I pushed too hard, tried to achieve too much and all that happened: results came to a halt, and I felt extremely fatigued. Do things slowly over a longer period of time. Ask yourself this . . .can I sustain this until next year? if the answer is no! revaluate your plan of action.

My Routine:

  • Monday: chest, shoulders (1) + cardio (in the evening)
  • Tuesday: Legs (1)
  • Wednesday: chest and shoulders (2) + cardio (in the evening)
  • Thursday: back and biceps
  • Friday: chest, shoulders (3) + triceps + cardio (in the evening)
  • Saturday: Legs (2)

The Workouts:

I filmed my 6 day training split (see below)

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