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Who’s Up For The 8 Week Fat Annihilation Challenge?


The 8 Week Fat Annihilation Challenge…

The 8 Week Fat Annihilation Challenge by LEP Fitness

Lose Fat & Get Fit with this simple and easy to follow 8 week exercise and nutritonal program…


Before I dive into the 8 Week Fat Annihilation Program I want to make something very clear…

This plan isn’t for bodybuilders or athletes, it’s for the everyday person…

  • For the mums who don’t always have time to go to the gym but want to work out at home
  • For the Dad’s who want to lose their beer belly and get fitter
  • For the students wanting to look and feel good during college and university
  • For the person who spends hours and hours scrolling the internet but still feels totally confused and isn’t sure what to do anymore!
  • For the person who’s been on umpteen unsuccesful diets but now wants a sustainable solution

Good Intentions…

LEP Fitness and members - a private personal training studio based in sheffield

A couple of months ago I was sat scratching my head, thinking about how I could reach more people and help them to lose weight and boost fitness.

After exploring a few different ideas I decided I was going to write an e-book called…

‘The 8 Week Fat Annihilation Program’

My intention for writing this book is to provide “A simple step by step guide to help people lose weight and boost fitness”.

A plan that isn’t super restrictive i.e. living off chicken and broccoli all day! but instead a plan with lots of tasty food options for people to choose from.

I also decided to make the workouts fun, and quick (25 minute sessions) and adapt it so that you can either do it at the gym or at home (whatever you prefer!).

It’s got Everything You Need…

With over 8,000 1-1 personal training sessions worth of experience I know the pitfalls and difficulties that the everyday person has and I have accounted for these in the plan.

In this e-book everything is laid out to you on a plate (pardon the pun!).

There are lots of benefits to following the 8 Week Fat Annihilation Plan but here are a few…

    • Simple and easy to follow
    • You don’t have to spend hours counting calories (i’ve done all the counting for you!)
    • The plan gives you plenty of tasty food & drink variety (100 different foods and drinks to choose from!)
    • You don’t feel deprived of treats (you can still eat chocolate and crisps!)
    • It’s a sustainable way of living (no more crash diets!)
    • You can train at home or at the gym (you choose)
    • Supplement guide to help you boost your energy, immune system, sleep, sex life and happiness
    • Exercise guide with picture demonstrations and techniques fully explained
    • Education – so you understand the exact science behind weight loss and so that you never have to read another article or book on the subject again!
    • Health – achieving and maintaining a healthy weight helps to prevent a variety of health conditions and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

The 4 Main Sections of the Book…

#1 Education 

fat loss e-book by Sheffield personal trainer Nick Screeton

Alongside providing a nutritional and exercise plan to follow I also explain EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about how to lose weight. In the e-book there’s no fancy science lingo, or snazzy words! it’s really easy to understand and straight to the point.

#2 Nutrition 

In this section of the e-book I tell you how to use the plan + give you 100 different foods to choose from. There are 20 different breakfast choices, 20 different lunches, 20 different dinners and 40 different snacks options! see a few examples below…

fat loss nutrition plan

I have designed all the meals for you, and tell you exactly what you need to do. I have also included how many calories are in each meal and how long each meal takes to prepare. There are meals which take 20-30 minutes, for those who enjoy cooking and there are meals that only take 1-2 minutes to prepare for those who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen!

LEP Fitness fat loss e-book

In the plan I tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get results. It’s a very simple and easy to follow system.

#3 Supplements 

In this section I give you a bunch of supplements that I recommend taking to help speed up the fat loss process, whilst also improving sleep, digestion, mood, energy and workout performance.

#4 Exercise 

The 8 week exercise plan is really straight forward. There are 4 different workouts which you do each week and 20 different exercises in the plan. I have included an exercise portfolio with picture demonstrations and an explanation for how to perform each exercise…

weight loss program

I then also explain how to do the workouts and give you the 4 workout programs to follow…

8 week fat loss program by sheffield PT nick screeton owner of LEP Fitness

NOTE: All the workouts are tailored to suit each fitness level…

8 week fat annihilation program written by LEP Fitness

#5 FAQ’s 

In the final section of the e-book, I go through a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions to help further educate you and so that you feel 100% confident before starting your 8 week program.


I have done a short video to show you more about what’s inside the book…

So now you know what’s in the plan, who’s up for the 8 week challenge?

hands up if you want to lose weight?


You can pick up your own copy of the 8 Week Fat Annihilation for just £14.99!

All you have to do is click the red button below…

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That’s less than a…

  • 1-1 personal training session £30+ per session.
  • Night out £30-£100 (unless you’re a millionaire footballer! lol!)
  • Nice meal out at a restaurant with your partner or friend £30-50
  • Pair of jeans from Top Shop
  • Football match
  • Trip to the cinema

Typically for an LEP Custom Meal Plan the investment is £150. For the 8 Week Fat Annihilation Program  i’m making this plan available for just £14.99! That’s a crazy offer for the content and knowledge you’ll receive!

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LEP Customer Testimonials:

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Here’s to less body fat and a healthier, fitter and happier you!

Nick Screeton - Sheffield based personal trainer

Nick 🙂