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9 Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Subscriptions to Your Fitness Website…

9 Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Subscriptions to Your Fitness Website

Email is still the best and most reliable way for businesses to reach their audience and should be the foundation of any successful marketing strategy.

In the health and fitness world, successful personal trainers stand apart from unsuccessful ones mostly due to their marketing strategies, so here we give you 9 suggestions for email marketing that will boost your subscriptions. 

1. Build your email list

The first thing to do is to build a good mailing list to make sure you’re emailing the right people and your list is organized. A good place to start building your email marketing list is your blog readers, social media followers, personal contacts, visitors to your website, prospective clients, and members of your Facebook group or fitness community.

Your email list should segment based on where you got the email because people that read your blog might be more interested in information whereas visitor website are looking for deals and offers. Not targeting the right audience by segmenting your emails means people could unsubscribe or ignore your emails. 

2. Communicate regularly

Email communication has to be consistent to be successful. Whether it’s every day or once a week, you want to stay in touch and engage your audience regularly. Choose what works for you and your business and stick with that, bearing in mind that the more exposure and visibility you give your brand, the more likely it is that you convert. 

3. Write good content

You need to understand why your readers might want to read your email before you draft it. It should have information that matters to your email list and which will fulfill a need that they have. When you create an email marketing strategy for personal training, include easy tips and tricks that your clients can follow because it’s doable for them. Here are some online tools to help you write good content:

4. Have a catchy subject line

The subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see, so it has to be interesting to ensure they open it. Boring email subjects means they won’t read your email and might eventually unsubscribe. Keep the goal of your email in mind when you’re drafting the subject line, and use words that are high impact like ‘quick,’ ‘easy,’ or ‘how-to.’ It also helps to make it time sensitive to increase the chances that your audience will take action. 

5. Link to the right places

You also want to have links to your landing page on your blog or fitness website. It’s best to direct to the landing page you’re discussing instead of just the home page because that will force the reader to then search for the right place. You also want to integrate with social media so you can re-target your social media ads. Use the visitor information that you gather to create targeted advertisements to visitors who accessed your landing page through a specific email. 

6. Personalise the message

Personalise the email as much as you can by adding the client’s first name to the email. As Francine Ogilvie, an email marketer at Paper Fellows and Academized, explains, “this encourages them to read through the content and makes the reader feel included and engaged. Studies have shown that personalized emails improve click through rates and conversion rates, so it doesn’t hurt to use software that allows email marketing personalization.” 

7. Speak honestly

People subscribe to your mailing list to find out more about you and find out how you can help them. That means they want to hear honest health and fitness stories about you and your clients. When you write your emails, add concrete references to challenges and victories about yourself or your clients which makes your business realistic and approachable. 

8. Be concise

Stay away from lengthy and complicated emails because you might think it makes you look smart but it’s more onerous for your readers. Write the email as though you were writing to a child and not adults. This doesn’t mean you should be patronising, but just to sound as simple and easy as possible, with no technical terms. For example, instead of saying ‘lose subcutaneous fat,’ say ‘get toned.’

9. Use imagery

Images and videos are also appealing to readers and will always increase your click through rates. Test out different options to find out what your particular audience prefers and use the combination of text and graphics that works best for you. 

Ellie Coverdale is a writer and editor with UK Writings and Boom Essays. She writes articles about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship and enjoys helping clients build their customer base. She is also a tutor for the Essayroo platform.