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9 Great Places To Workout In Sheffield…

9 Great Places To Workout In Sheffield

I love Sheffield, i’ve been living here for 10 years now and just love this place – the City of Steel!

Being a self confessed fitness addict, and running a personal training business ‘LEP Fitness’ I’ve explored many areas of the city and done workouts all over, from different gyms, to parks, to running in the peaks! In this post I thought it would be cool to share 9 Great Places To Workout In Sheffield…

#1 Endcliffe Park 

the Sheffield Park Run

This is a beautiful park, located at Hunters Bar. It’s a big open field, with a wooded area, making it perfect for running. There’s the Sheffield Park Run which is held every Saturday morning, and plenty of fitness classes/bootcamps available run by private businesses. 

This park is ideal for keen runners, and for those who like training in the beautiful outdoors. There’s also an outdoor gym here, and pull up bars for those who like bodyweight workouts that involve exercises like pull ups, dips, push ups, etc. 

#2 Virgin Active

Virgin Active sheffield gym

In my opinion this is the best gym in Sheffield. The gym is well kept, light (big open windows upstairs – lovely on a sunny day), the staff are friendly, and it’s a facility that not only has cardio and weights equipment, but also a swimming pool, spar facilities, climbing wall, and excellent food in the cafe – for those who fancy a coffee before working out or want a high protein lunch after a weights session. Another added bonus is that it’s a ‘family friendly’ gym – there’s a creche facility and family memberships available. 

#3 Lady Bower 

Lady Bower Sheffield

A stunning place in Sheffield to go for a run. There’s no better place in the UK than the Peak District, especially on a hot, warm summers day – it’s just beautiful!

If you live in Sheffield why not venture out to Lady Bower for a weekend Jog? Get up on a Sunday morning, with your friend, or partner and get that heart racing. Then in the afternoon you could go out for a nice pub Sunday lunch – Sounds like my kind of Sunday! 

#4 Climbing Works 

Climbing Works Sheffield

Climbing is an underrated exercise, it’s a great activity for strengthening the arms, core, grip and upper back – it’s also very challenging aerobically and good fun. The Climbing Works is an excellent facility where you can climb with friends, or have a private instructor guide/teach you how to climb and improve your technique. 

#5 Botanical Gardens

 Sheffield Botanical Gardens

I have fond memories of the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, mainly from Uni, me and my friends would go there on a hot summers day and just lounge about on the grass, starting at the beautiful flowers, getting a tan (lol!) and philosophising about life! 

In recent years I’ve also realised it’s a great workout location. If you enter the gardens from the Ecclesall road end (at the bottom) you have a steep incline to the top, which is perfect for jogging up/sprinting (if you can hack a sprint? at least if all fails the Hallamshire Hospital is only up the road! lol!). 

#6 Hallmashire Tennis 

Hallmashire Tennis Sheffield

Who doesn’t love a good game of Tennis in the sun? Ok, well not everybody likes tennis! but for those of you who do why not pop down to the Hallmashire Tennis Club. You can have lessons and go to classes to help you improve your performance. 

Tennis will improve your cardiovascular fitness, agility, coordination, balance and core strength – to name but a few health benefits of tennis. As well as physical benefits it’s also very social, and will help you unwind mentally from the stresses of everyday life which can build up. 

#7 Ponds Forge 

Ponds Forge Sheffield

An excellent training facility for those of you who like to swim. Swimming can burn up to 800 calories per hour, making it a great exercise for fat loss.

Alongside helping you to get trim, swimming will also help strengthen the arms, legs, core – pretty much every muscle in your body (just look at Michael Phelps physique!). Another benefit of swimming is that it’s a low impact activity, making it joint friendly and ideal for those recovering from injury. 

#8 Trampoline Park 

Trampoline Park Sheffield

If you haven’t been to a trampoline park then you haven’t lived! lol. They are so much fun, and a great place to blow of steam and energy. You could go on a date, take your partner, or take your kids down to help them burn off energy (so they sleep at night time! lol!). 

Apart from being extremely good fun, trampolining will also help to improve the muscles in your core and legs, and get your heart racing – making it an effective cardiovascular exercise.   

#9 LEP Fitness – personal training in Sheffield

 LEP Fitness - personal training in Sheffield

The last place I would recommend is my own business LEP Fitness! lol! If you are looking for high quality personal training then look no further!

I’ve completed over 10,000 x 1-1 personal training sessions and help people improve not only physically (fat loss, muscle building, improved athletic performance), but also mentally too (habits, behaviours, mindset, and psychology). I can help you shed those pounds, support you every step of the way, and teach you how to cultivate a bullet proof mindset. 

We can do all of this in a private setting, I have a luxury personal training studio with the best commercial equipment (rowing machine, ski machine, bike, dumbells, barbells, medicine balls, step box, battle ropes, squat rack, bench, kettlbells, boxing pads, skipping ropes and much more!).

As well as a private studio, there’s also a private outdoor area for those who like working outside in the sun. 

But don’t just take my word for it, check out the hundreds of testimonials on my site and the video below as proof of the results and level of service…

Thanks for reading, wishing you the best of luck on your fitness journey!

Nick 🙂 

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