LEP Fitness


David B


“The regular fitness sessions with LEP Fitness are challenging and hardwork. I leave ever one feeling like I’ve worked hard, which is what I want. Nick really does get the most out of me and encourages me to go beyond what I think I can possibly achieve! The personalised nutritional plans are amazing and mean I’m not having to think about what food I’m eating; which is great for me because if I have to make a decision between a salad and a mars bar, I’ll probably pick the latter. Nick has helped me realise that if I want to see results I have to put my mind to it and that exercise and diet both play important roles in looking and feeling great. Most of all, Nick is a great trainer with the personal skills to ensure you feel relaxed and remain focused and the experience to ensure you respect and trust him to help you reach your goals. I couldn’t recommend LEP Fitness enough.”