LEP Fitness




I’ve been trained by Ollie from LEP fitness for the past 5 weeks. The progress in both my physical and mental health is noticeable, and I couldn’t have done it without Ollie, or without Nick’s fantastic self-help emails and recipe guides. I know that this is only the beginning for me, but I’ve now built a solid foundation with which to change my mindset and physical appearance long into the future.

Couldn’t have done it without either of them. They’ve both been very motivational and it’s been more than a focus on my physical fitness – my mindset is 100% more positive and the focus on improving my life as a whole is why I chose LEP over others in the first place.

If, like me, you were unsure about the benefits of a personal trainer at first, please please do just take the plunge and pay for a block of sessions. It’ll be the best thing you ever do.

And no, this isn’t sponsored. Just very grateful.