LEP Fitness




My time at LEP Fitness has been the best investment I have made. Before I started with Nick I wasn’t completely happy with how I looked and felt and I knew I needed someone to push me towards what i wanted and to give me guidance…that’s what I got with LEP. I’ve lost 28lbs thanks to Nicks nutritional plan and gym workouts. I used to shy away from the gym as, like a lot of people, found it an intimidating place to be…surrounded by lots of people who knew what they were doing, which I didn’t.

When your coached by Nick he will encourage you all the way. Nick helped with everything, from the nutrition plans to the gym plans he created for me. You can tell he takes time to plan them to get the best out of you. He asks you how you have been getting on, what can he change, have you found anything difficult? Just shows how much he loves what he does and that he genuinely cares. to anyone reading this wondering whether to join….Do it!