LEP Fitness




Around 4 months ago, after a long period out of training and not in great physical condition, I decided to take the step and contact Nick at LEP Fitness after some great recommendations.

Fast forward 4 months, and I have gone from 21% body fat to around 12%, shed near enough 2 stone and am far fitter, both physically and mentally. I’ve also become more organised and far more productive!

I was fully aware, from my friends recommendations, that Nick was a good trainer, but what surprised me the most was what this journey would do for my mentality, productivity and my overall health.

Nick is more than just a personal trainer and pays great attention to the mental side of health and fitness, recommending podcasts/books which he thinks may be beneficial and explaining things in thorough detail.

He is always on hand to answer any queries I have and explains ‘the why’ in all that we do. This helps me to understand nutrition and fitness itself and apply in day to day life. There is often a lot of ‘egos’ and judgement in the personal trainer community in my experience, however not Nick. Just one of the most approachable and genuinely good guys,

I am about to start the next part of my journey focusing on strength gain, which means a change up of nutrition and training plans. I cannot wait to get started on the next phase.