LEP Fitness


Rob S


“I came to Nick aged 59 and a half and fundamentally unfit. And thinking the idea of a personal trainer was a bit crazy (ok – the kids and wife put me up to it). But I did my best to turn up at the first session with an open mind. 15 months later I am so pleased that I did it, that I’ve kept doing it and that I will keep on doing it. And that’s down to Nick. And me. Because it really does take 2 to tango. We don’t actually tango, honest. But we do have to tackle a lot of stuff together and his awareness of my issues is crucial to keeping me motivated. He listens. He accepts certain things. He doesn’t take bullshit. So what’s happened?

Statistically? – arms and legs much bigger and the gut much smaller. Body fat massively reduced. Medically? – everything bang on normal and the idea of any get well pills shelved by the GPs Emotionally? – even for an older bloke feeling good about your body matters But feeling so much fitter and stronger is the key for me. But these things only happen for most people – like me – if someone helps them.Nick does it. he encourages, empathises, and commits to you so you commit to him. Not easy when the generation gap is reversed…..But this is all a bit serious. And the truth is, if we couldn’t both have a really good laugh after he’s tortured the hell out of me, then he wouldn’t be such a great personal trainer.”