LEP Fitness




I have worked with personal trainers before and had negative experiences with them, they don’t listen, are not respectful and don’t push you to achieve your best.

Nick could not be further from this, he has tailored his approach to fit me, the sessions are always varied but consistently push me to achieve the best I can. The range and variety of exercises he includes keeps things mentally fresh and constantly engaging, this doesn’t allow me to coast or switch off during the sessions.

The meal plans are excellent and realistic, I’ve lost a large amount of body fat and after only a few weeks I’m more confident in myself. He listens to my feedback and finds solutions to problems I have during the training. He has a very holistic approach to training, from diet through to mental well-being, during my time training with him I have experienced a shift in my lifestyle and a drive to want to improve the way I live.This has had positive effect on the way I approach my business and my family life.

I have been training with LEP for around 5 months now, my experience so far has been exceptional. I look forward to seeing what I can achieve in the next year.