LEP Fitness




PT with Nick has exceeded my hopes and expectations. I wanted to get fitter, to feel more confident in my wedding dress, after 2 years of invasive hospital treatment which had dented my self esteem and body image. Nick was incredibly supportive, and encouraging. I was also under immense stress due to personal circumstances within my family, and training with Nick not only helped me get fitter, stronger (and look amazing in my wedding dress) – but the emotional strength I gained from the sessions, really helped me through this difficult time. Training has been the best thing I have done for my recovery, and outweighs anything else I have done to support my recovery. Training has helped me develop confidence, and belief in my own health and ability, which after a life threatening illness, is one of the toughest things to psychologically overcome. Nick is such a genuine, and sincere guy, I would recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone.