LEP Fitness





I’ve been under Nick’s care now for the past 6 months and couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I have referred a handful of friends and colleagues who also speak highly of the service they have received.  I started with the ’90 Day Challenge’ and also had a few 1-1 Skype sessions with Nick to help guide me through and ask specific questions – this was a big help at times. I then transitioned into being a full time online member which involves checking in each week with feedback and following the plans he designs for me. I would rate this as a first class experience and give him 10 stars. He listens to you, has your best interest at heart and at times it feels like he wants the results just as bad as you. It’s nice to know he’s got your back and he genuinely takes pride in seeing you progress and develop as a person not just physically but mentally. I’m more confident than ever before and i am extremely happy with the results so far.