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A quick review of a fantastic book I just read…


Thoughts are Things…

A quick review of a fantastic book I just read - thoughts are things a book review by nickeh screetoni the founder of sheffield personal training company LEP Fitness

Firstly, I highly recommend investing in this book ‘Thoughts are Things‘ especially if your the type of person who wants to lead a kickass life. If your on a mission to become a better version of yourself… you just gotta frickin buy it! There’s no two ways about it! It’s packed to the brim with knowledge bombs, insights and wisdom. It’s also very easy to read and not very long (I read it in just 1 afternoon!). I’ve not been paid to write this (I promise!) I just want to share the love as this book has helped me and I want it to help you. If I only influence 1 person to invest then it’s been totally worth while writing this post.

What’s so special about the book?

What mind-set determines whether or not a person will succeed? How can we change our mindset so we can win in life rather than lose? Do successful people think differently? All of these thought provoking topics are discussed in the book. It delves deep into some of the greatest minds of the last century, cleverly sharing their wisdom, discussing their thought processes, and how they overcame failure, adversity and became one of life’s true winners.

Many, if not all of us are going through our own personal struggles, fighting through the battles that life throws at us. It takes a strong ‘Mother **insert swear word** to overcome adversity and get through life when sh*t hits the fan. But by equipping yourself with a powerful toolbox of weapons such as books, we can learn from those better equipped, tapping into their wisdom, so it can help us prosper through our own challenging circumstances.

What I found comforting reading this book was that every single successful person mentioned: Vincent Van Gough, Colonel Sanders, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates all at some point failed, got rejected, and faced extremely difficult circumstance. But do you know what? They overcame them. Deep down these people are no different from me and you. What they have is a winners attitude, a robust mindset and this book cleverly captivates how they achieved such a desired asset.

Books are a mans best friend…

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend your most time with. For me theres no doubt about it, I class my books as one of my 5 closet friends (maybe odd but true!). By learning from successful people, or the people you aspire to be like I believe you make incredible sh*t happen. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, and overtime your much more likely to reach your pot of gold (so to speak).

Do you want to win at life?

Then Buy the frickin book right now, don’t think about it, take action now, read it, and make some good sh*t happen amigo. Let me know when you buy it by commenting below. Also if you know a friend who this post could help or likes to read please share the love and share this post with them.

Thank you for reading, have a fabulous day!

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p.s. just about to watch Serena Williams win the 2016 women’s Wimbledon final (my prediction anyway). I’ve also got my fingers crossed for Murray tomorrow.