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Advanced Access Control: Protect Your Gym from Intruders

Protect Your Gym from Intruders

Manning the front desk of your gym can be an overwhelming process. Having a person to manage the front desk is incredibly inefficient. With electronic access control, you can protect your gym from intruders. An efficient gym access control will increase the loyalty of your gym members. They don’t want to wait in a line to finish their workout.

An automatic access control solution can boost their confidence and peace of mind. You can use any control system for physical security. However, choose a user-friendly system to allow easy access to members and visitors. Here are some methods to stop unauthorized entries in your gym.

Full-height and Tripod Turnstiles

These physical barriers prevent visitors from illegal entry. The system required staff members to oversee what is happening at the entrance and notice duration of membership, gym packages, and fees.

Speed gates and full-height turnstiles may incorporate access with an ID card to refuse entry of non-paying members. Gym admins may not have to buzz people in. However, turnstiles may be unpleasant visually. Speed gates are reliable to integrate with your electronic access solution. These can set schedules and mark non-payers.

Barcode Readers

These are affordable options to visit a gym. Membership cards contain barcodes, and the barcode readers will read the card to allow gym members to enter the gym. You can put a wall mounted or door mounted reader at the entrance of the gym. Unfortunately, you can’t include much information on membership cards.

Interlocking Doors

With these doors, you can develop a cubicle between the fitness area and the reception area. In this way, you can control the number of individuals in the gym. However, gym members may not like the system with a dual door where they can’t move freely around different gym areas.

Access Cards and Key Fobs

Key fobs are cheap options for gyms and other fitness facilities. These are easy to exchange between members. Cards and fobs are suitable on magnetic lock doors and electric strike. Bluetooth access or proximity cards may incorporate data that permits the gym staff to control security elements. Access cards can be a good option for gyms. These versatile and affordable options can work in 24/7 gym systems. Make sure to avoid fobs because these may not provide proper security.

Keypad Readers and Mobile Phones

If you need low-level physical security, you can get the advantage of keypad readers. These will require a time-limited passcode. Members can get access to the gym by typing a passcode.

You can also use a control app for quick changes to the membership of your gym. Gym members can get a time-limited passcode for keypad readers to gain access to equipment and different areas of the gym. An update can store useful information. There is no need to worry about security because apps will live on your smartphone. With smartphones, you can surpass several capabilities of weak entry systems.

Cloud Access

Cloud access may help you to arrange advanced security for your fitness facilities. Access cards can be included in the electronic system to control access in the cloud. With this system, you can control different fitness facilities. The staff can use the information on access card to identify different visitors, check details of payments and manage membership privileges.