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Getting Deep! Appreciating the ‘heck’ out of life…


Today has been ‘frickin’ awesome!

sheffield personal trainer nick screeton owner and founder of LEP Fitness a personal training company based in sheffield

I got to wake up in a warm bed next to a beautiful lady.

I got to drink fresh water from the tap.

I was fortunate to put clothes on my back.

Fortunate to pay for a haircut.

Fortunate to have a family who I love, all alive, and well.

Fortunate to have food in my cupboards.

Fortunate to have a brain, eyes, and ears that work.

Fortunate enough to work from home, spend time in the sun, read a little, train a little, reflect a little, and countless other blessings.

I don’t always appreciate how lucky I am, but today I have. I’ve loved it and appreciated every moment.

Take a moment to reflect on all that’s good in your life, your family, children, house, job, youth, wisdom, whatever it may be…

Just some thoughts I had today…

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