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Are You A Fitness Goal Hopper ? By Ben Coomber


I came across this awesome post by Ben Coomber this week and just had to share . . .


Are You A Fitness Goal Hopper?

The guy who is always doing everything, and achieving nothing?

“I know you said do this, but I decided to add in this, and this, and just a little of this too, you know, just see I can get to that goal also ”

I’ve had too many clients to count that I give a program to, in the vain of achieving A goal

When I check in with them 2-3 weeks later and see their diary I get a list of exercises and ‘things’ that I didn’t program

Then the excuses come . . .

“oh. you know, I just added in this cause I want a bit of fat loss too, and, I threw in an extra deadlift session too cause I am thinking of powerlifting one day and don’t want my max to go down while I’m on your program. Oh, and yeah I cut those carbs out cause I want fat loss too”


If you have a goal, stick to it

If you have been given a program and a set of guidelines by a coach to achieve those goals, then stick to it

People complain about the cost of a coach, they get one, and only follow 60% of the advice anyway

If your following a program that you found online, see it out, don’t mix that with something else, the program was written that way for a reason

This goes hand in hand with changing your body comparison

If you want to lose fat, lose fat

If you want to build muscle, build muscle : and yes that might mean losing your abs for a few months, but heck, you want muscle don’t you . . .

People that goal hop don’t reach their goals

(there is a very simple lesson there, you can’t achieve a goal if it keeps changing. . . .)

Choose a goal

Stick to the program

THEN when you reach that goal, re-evaluate

And ONLY THEN start with your new plan

Now, enjoy reaching your goals.

Your welcome,


Ben Coomber


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