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Are You Doing Things for the Wrong Reasons? Cutting through the BS!


It’s all aload of b*llocks (pardon the French!)

Are You Doing Things for the Wrong Reasons? Cutting through the BS! - written by LEP Fitness

I’ll be happy when I’m ripped!

I’ll be happy when i’m a millionaire!

I’ll be happy when i’ve lost 3 stone!

I’ll be happy when I own that Mulberry handbag!

I’ll be happy when I live in an 8 bedroom mansion! 

Come on now, it’s time to be 100% honest, who’s felt like this before in some way? I’ll be honest I have! Like all of my blogs I talk from experience, i’ve got nothing to hide, i’ve either been there myself or have coached someone in a similar position.

Being honest with you…

Talking from personal experience I had a break through that really changed my life…

My breakthrough was…

‘I’m looking after my body on the outside but I feel miserable on the inside!’

At the time of the breakthrough I was super strict with my regime: both in the gym and on my diet. On the outside I had sculpted stomach muscles and an impressive looking physique but on the inside I felt like utter crap! The truth was… I was not happy…at all!

In fact I fell out of love with the whole training thing…

  • I’D HAD ENOUGH of trying to train like some Spartan warrior all the time!
  • I’D HAD ENOUGH of eating meat, fish and bloooooming vegetables!
  • I’D HAD ENOUGH of comparing myself to all of the sculpted athletes and fitness models which I followed on Instagram!

WTF was I playing at? This sucked.

I questioned myself “why the hell am I doing this?” It really got me thinking. Something had to change. I was training for all the wrong reasons. So I took a couple of weeks out to reflect and do some deep thinking.

I realised that this type of mentality was only going to go one way… a fast track ticket to www.depressedAsFooook.com! It was time to deal with this sh*t and swallow the hardest pill of all… aka… HONESTY!


After much deliberation I realised that training was really all about investing quality time in myself. I now see it as a chance to take an hr out from all the noise of daily life, a time to pump feel good hormones around my body, and improve not only my physical condition but mental strength too. It’s a form of meditation which makes me feel strong and sets me up for the day.

I stopped being so harsh on myself. I stopped following all these ripped geezers on social media.  I realised that my diet didn’t have to be 100% all of the time, or if I had a bad session it was OK.

When I changed my mindset guess what happened?

I started to frickin love training again. I got my mojo back.

Cutting through the BS!

The truth is, that If you’re fundamentally unhappy — then all the superficial stuff in the world wont make you happy. The superficial sh*t may soothe and provide temporary comfort, it may make you feel good for a brief while but the truth will always prevail in the end.

There’s a saying…

“Anyone who thinks money will make you happy has never had money”

I’ve adapted that slightly and now say…

“Anyone who thinks being ripped will make you happy has never been ripped” ( lol! we gotta have some humour in this post right?)

Joking aside, I think this saying can be applied to many things in life. My advice to you would be to focus on the stuff that truly makes you happy, the smaller stuff which we already have in our lives, the stuff we take for granted: our homes, our children, our family, a roof over our heads, food, water, the list goes on.

It’s great to chase your dreams, to strive for success at work, in business, to build an impressive physique, or whatever it may be, but all i’ll say is…


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