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Attaining Your 2018 Fitness and Appearance Goals…


This is the year for change. This is the year you have dedicated to getting fit and looking fabulous. You can attain your goals. But before you can do that, you have to do some homework.

Learn how to burn

The first thing you have to do is face the facts. You must take inventory of your entire lifestyle. Maybe you just think you need to lose 10 pounds and find a product that will put the glow back in your skin.

You have to look much deeper than this if you are going to succeed. Why is that? Because the excess weight on your body is not the problem. It is the result of the problem. You are consuming more fuel (calories) than you are burning. This is an ongoing lifestyle issue. It is a similar issue with your skin. Does your skin look dry and washed out? How much water are you drinking? The number one reason we get dry skin is a lack of water. Your body must have hydration. When you do not provide enough, it takes it from your skin, hair, and muscles, in order to keep your organs functioning.

If you are going to attain your goals for fitness and beauty in 2018, look past the symptoms and address the problems.


We cannot touch on this enough. Water is the most important part of your routine. Every part of your body needs water and getting in shape makes you lose water. Water will help you fight hunger, prevent heat stroke, and keep your organs functioning. You must drink water every day. If you drink coffee or tea, you must drink two cups of water for each cup of the caffeine drinks you enjoy.

Speak to the experts

You have to learn what to eat and when to eat it. Your body needs a lot of protein to build muscle and that speeds up your metabolism. You need carbohydrates for quick energy and fats in small quantities. Remember we are addressing problems. In doing so, your weight will come down and your skin, hair, and nails will return to their healthy condition.

Speak to your doctor or nutritionist about the amount of food and types of food you need to eat. Do not go on fad diets that will help you drop pounds quickly but can ruin your health.

Speak to a trainer and fitness instructor. You need to know where to begin and how fast you should progress. You need to know what clothes you need to wear to support your body during workouts. Start by contacting MoveU.us. They offer physical training and they provide professional team gear for every sport from running to cheerleading. If you are going solo, they may advise you to find a group to work with.  If they have a location in your area, go check them out. Everybody has to start somewhere. No expert in their field ever started at the top.

Walk before you run

At this point, you should be getting a pretty good handle on where you are and where you need to go. You may feel uncomfortable joining a team in your current condition. That is understandable.

Consider making a team of family and friends and start a walking club. Then all you will need is some good walking shoes. Commit to each other to walk a few miles per week as a team. Begin your high protein diet lifestyle and wake up your sleeping muscles and metabolism.

Once you have built up to easily walking a 5-mile trek, consider moving on to a fitness club that can gradually increase your activity and muscle tone to give you the shape and appearance you want.

At this point, it is important to invest in the proper exercise gear for the sport you decide to take up. It is critical that your body is supported and cared for as you transform. Read on for why team gear makes a difference.

Proper exercise gear, specifically for your activities can be a factor in the way your body responds.

Here is why:

  • Sports clothing boosts confidence

When you allow yourself to get out of shape you probably took a hit to your self-esteem. Supporting gear that identifies you as part of a team, builds the confidence you weakened. It tells the world that you are not just you. People judge you on the performance of all members. This concept has been proven many times. This is one reason why team gear is a global enterprise.

Prevent injury and adds protection

Compression clothing help the blood circulation, It hugs the muscles and allows enough resistance to support them. This helps your muscles to develop and prevents injury.

Concentrate on the correct eating and physical demands of your body and it will reward you with the fitness level and beauty you are seeking.