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Becoming a Stand out Personal Trainer : 6 Tips…

Becoming a Stand out Personal Trainer

The personal training industry is saturated with coaches. It’s extremely easy to become a PT – all you need to do is go on a 6-12 week course, pass a few basic exams and then you’re good to go!

Whilst there are lots of people entering the industry, lots are leaving too. This is because of the competition but also (in my opinion) because of a lack business skills and ability to stand out.

Just because you’re qualified does not mean you will make it in the industry, you have to be a great coach but a good business man/women too. 

Do The Basics Well…

You can have all the marketing skills, have a sh*t hot website and look the part but if you neglect the basics of being a good coach your business will crash and burn faster than you can say “Bobs your Uncle!”. 

Although the below tips that I’m about to share are common knowledge, they’re not always common practice. You’ve got to master the basics of being a great coach if you want your business to grow. 

#1 Be Friendly

If you want people to approach you or vice versa you’ve got to be friendly. Imagine yourself in your customers shoes…imagine you are overweight and have no confidence and have no clue what you’re doing in the gym?

How would you want somebody to approach you? You’d want somebody to be warm and friendly, a person who can help and doesn’t judge. Basic people skills are so important. Smiling, making eye contact and being interested in the other person will stand you in great stead for picking up clients.

#2 Turn Up On Time

Sounds obvious right? But it’s amazing how many trainers turn up late for their sessions. This is totally unprofessional, and if you keep doing it word will spread, people wont resign and your reputation will go down the sh*t pan! 

#3 Do What You Say You’re Going To Do

If you’ve told a client that you’ll send them their nutrition plan at the weekend… make-sure you do it. Set yourself high standards to reply to people on the same day, or within a 24 hour period. If you’ve made a promise to a customer you better make-sure that you deliver on that promise. 

#4 Command Respect

Just because you’re a nice person with a smile on your face doesn’t mean that you’re a push over. You need to command respect as a trainer. You can do this by walking with your head held high, having good posture, confident demeanour, making eye contact when your speak and having rules in place for clients…

For example having a cancellation policy, ensuring clients turn up on time, pay on time, check in each week, etc, etc. Have morals and standards and don’t let people take the piss (pardon the French!) Because they will if you let them and have ‘Doormat written on your forehead’ – I certainly did in my first year of being a personal trainer! 

#5 Learn To Connect With People

What do you think most peoples favourite topic of conversation is?…Themselves. If you want to connect with people ask questions and take note. Find out what hobbies they are into, their kids names, what football team they support, the music they like, etc.

Connect with people and find out information so that you can improve your level of service and build rapport. The key is in the title ‘personal’ training – make it personal, connect with people and build trust and a relationship. If you do this correctly you will have clients for years. I have 12 clients with me at LEP Fitness who have been with me for 5+ years! 

#6 Work On Your Personal Development

This is SO SO SO SO (no typo error!) SO SO IMPORTANT! The best personal trainers are constantly working on themselves as individuals, upping their knowledge, level of service and just all round getting better…

better at sales, marketing, coaching, etc, etc! 

Your business grows as you grow. The reason I’ve been able to build a successful PT business is because I’ve continued to invest in myself over the years. I’ve done this by attending courses, hiring mentors, reading books and always looking for ways to improve myself and my business. I have habits in place everyday to ensure I’m always learning, for example I read everyday, I say affirmations, I meditate, I reflect, and do this on repeat pretty much 365 days a year! 

I can guarantee one thing for certain…

If you continue to invest in yourself you will have a very successful personal training career! I bet you lots of money on it! 

There are lots of ways to improve yourself but these are the ones I HIGHLY RECOMMEND…

Thanks for reading,

sheffield personal trainer and fitness blogger Nick Screeton

Nick 🙂