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Benefits of doing personal training with a friend…

Benefits of doing personal training with a friend | LEP Fitness

If you struggle with motivation to workout by yourself then hiring a personal trainer is a sensible move. Hiring a private coach will help keep you accountable (because you invest money) and commit to a certain time to train each week.

It’s also good to have an expert guide you on what’s best – with lots of conflicting advice online it can be hard to know who to trust, and which training program to follow in order to achieve the results you are aiming for. 

Whilst one to one personal training can be a great option, so too can group personal training – where you train with a friend, husband, wife, family member, work colleague, etc etc . There are many benefits to group personal training…

Benefits of doing personal training with a friend

group personal training benefits

Less Expensive

One of the main benefits of group personal training is the reduction in price per session. One to one personal training, especially in cities like London can be expensive. So doing 2-1 personal training will save you money.

For example if you do a one to one personal training session in London, you could be looking at paying £50 per session, however if you do a 2-1 session with somebody like www.minimalfit.co.uk it’s £60 – meaning it’s only £30 each per session (making it financial more feasible).

Also, if you pay for a block of sessions (10+ in one go) you may also be able to get the rate down even lower. 

Social Aspect 

Lots of people spend all day staring at a computer screen, working from home is also becoming increasingly popular. This intense working lifestyle can mean that we don’t get much time to interact with other people, or socialise away from work. It can be very isolating.

Theres no better way to blow off steam, and make yourself feel better than working out, and especially working out with a partner. It’s fun working out with a friend because you can encourage one another, and if you’re competitive it could spur you on to workout harder – trying to beat one another on weights, reps, time, speed, etc. 

Similar benefits to one to one coaching 

Whilst one to one personal training will always be superior because it’s 100% tailored to each individual, small group PT (2-3 people per session) is the 2nd best option. With only 2-3 people per session you’ll still get plenty of tuition and one to one focus – unlike fitness classes, where it’s very difficult for the instructor to devote time to each client (as there are too many people per class). 


We’ve already mentioned accountability i.e. you pay for the session, so have to turn up (or waste your money!). The benefit of group personal training is that if you don’t turn up, not only are you letting yourself and personal trainer down, BUT you also let your workout partner down. It makes you even more accountable. 

Benefits for personal trainers

Alongside the benefits for clients to train in small groups, it’s also advantageous for personal trainers, because you get to charge more per hour. You can take on more clients, and serve more people.

If you’re a personal trainer and you don’t do group PT already… then i’d recommend adding group PT to your personal trainer business cards, website, and Facebook page – you’ll attract even more people to your business because there’s a huge demand for people training with their friends.