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Benefits of Exercising at Night…

Benefits of Exercising at Night

For decades, people have believed that working out is better when done in the morning, but that is a lie peddled by morning people.

If you’re not one to feel overjoyed by the sun rays peeking into your room in the morning, or be enthralled by the smell of coffee, or if working out in the morning makes you feel dead for the rest of the day, this is for you.

Exercising at night presents the same benefits as working out at any other time, and according to this study, you have better sleep quality if you lift weights at night. Moreover, an added advantage of working out at night is that you won’t feel sorry about falling into bed immediately after. Here are seven reasons why working out at night is good for you.

1. It Gives You More Time to Get Ready in The Morning

Even for morning people, waking up early and fitting a trip to the gym into the morning rush can be a drag. You will have to finish your routine in a short time, factor in transit and showers, plan your work clothes, and you’d barely have enough time to grab breakfast. Switching to night workouts means you’ll have more time to get ready for work in the mornings so you’ll be more relaxed and you can start your day refreshed instead of stressed out.

2. It Eases Stress

When you have a long and stressful day – your car broke down at the worst possible time, your boss was impossible – it’s tempting to overeat in front of the TV or fall straight into bed, but it may be better to fix in a workout. Working out in the evening provides a much-needed avenue to blow off steam. You also get an endorphin and norepinephrine boost, so although your stress won’t wash away, you’ll be able to handle it better.

3. You Sleep Better

Contrary to popular belief, exercising at night does not adversely affect your sleep. According to research by the National Sleep Foundation, people who work out vigorously at night have the same quality of sleep as those who work out in the morning.

Lifting weights at night is also known to improve sleep quality and duration. So, not only does the myth of less sleep caused by night workouts lack merit, there’s scientific proof that vigorous workouts at night improve your quality of sleep. Just be sure to work out at least three hours before bed.

4. Prevents Unhealthy Habits

Hitting the gym in the evenings means you’d have less free time to devote to overeating in front of the TV in your seats or engaging in binge drinking. This means you’ll be consuming fewer sugars and calories, so you have better dental health.

5. You Have Higher Endurance Levels

It’s common knowledge that our bodies have peak periods during which productivity is higher. Scientific research shows that the body is readier for workouts in the evenings. This particular study shows that time of day affects fatigue during workouts and improves endurance. So, working out at night means you can go harder for longer.

The ability to go harder means you’re more prone to teeth grinding. Teeth grinding during exercise can lead to a myriad of dental health issues so be sure to protect your teeth with a night guard during strength exercises.

6. You Don’t Have to Rush Your Workout

If you go to the gym during the morning rush, then you know what I’m talking about. Everyone works out in the morning, so there’s always a line for equipment, the bathroom, the classes are full, and you can do your full work out because someone’s breathing down your neck.

Also, gym rules are stricter in the mornings, so if you need an hour on the treadmill, you may only get thirty minutes. In the evenings. The atmosphere is more relaxed so not only will you be able to finish your workout; you get to pick your equipment.

7. You’ll Build Muscle Faster

Research shows that the body’s cortisol levels are higher in the mornings, and this stunts muscle growth. To get better and quicker results from exercise, take advantage of the high testosterone levels in the evenings.

Another benefit of working out at night is that it increases metabolism. So, if you’re looking to lose weight, the combinations of quicker muscle growth and a metabolism boost are sure to get you there in a matter of weeks.

These are the most common benefits of working out at night. If you’re willing to make the switch, try it and let us know how well it worked out for you. If you already work out at night, tell us in the comments how it enhances your life.