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Best Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2020

Best Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2020

The fitness industry has been trending in the past decade, and not just because of its impact on fashion. People are starting to understand the importance of exercise in life. The connection between health and fitness makes it crucial that we all become more active.

With social media, we are being motivated to exercise on a daily basis. Those in-shape people who write about their amazing lifestyle and share useful tips that would change your life for the better are all around. With the growth of the blogging and influencers’ community, you can find a new fitness blog every day. 

However, only few of these can be defined as the best fitness blogs. If you pick the right blog or two, you can turn your life around and get a real, effective angle to fitness. 

So, without further ado, here are the best blogs you should be following in 2020.

1. Born Fitness

Born Fitness is the place you go to if you have questions about fitness, nutrition, and health. This is the hub of fitness experts that provide people with healthy solutions that would improve their wellbeing.

2. Love Sweat Fitness

The creator of the popular Love Sweat Fitness is Katie Dunlop, a health and fitness promoter that hands out daily motivation to those in need of it. She helps people reach a fitness goals by using her own stories and experience, all intertwined in some really useful tips.

3. Garmin 

Back when I was in college, I came across this fast-growing fitness blog. It had amazing advice from people who do outdoor sports. Right now, it has grown and developed so much, it’s one of the most popular blogs out there. So, if you’re a student looking for research-based tips on fitness, use that essay generator StudyClerk to do your essay fast, and hop onto the Garmin site to change your life.

4. The Fitnessista

The person behind this blog is an actual, certified personal trainer. She’s a wife and a mother who’s sharing her daily exercise tips, as well as nutrition facts and healthy recipes. In other words, she’s the inspiration to all those who can hardly fit in exercise in their daily schedule.

5. Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Tina Haupert, the woman who works on this blog, tries to help us find some balance in our lives. Balance is crucial to make things work, especially if you’re trying to juggle everything in 24 hours. That being said, Tina’s blog gives advice for everything from nutrition to fitness.


6. Chuze Fitness

If you’re new to the world of fitness and exercise, this is the perfect blog for you. It’s good for everyone, including those who’ve just decided to do something about their health and wellbeing. On Chuze Fitness, you’ll find workout strategies, wellness tips, health recipes, yoga exercises, etc. It also features a lively community that you can reach out to if you need some help.

7. The Yoga Warrior

Yoga is a big part of my life, which is why I absolutely adore this blog. The website gives you not only yoga exercises and tips, but it also teaches you how yoga can change your life. You’ll learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness, which is the key for a stress-free life.

8. Hungry Healthy Happy

To be honest, I really disliked the name of this website. But, it’s the most honest website out there. The creator of the blog speaks of the importance of health and how crucial it is to change your nutrition to a healthier one. But, that’s not all. She also shares some delicious recipes that are healthy, and do make you happy, too.

9. Sport Me Bro

This website already has over a million visitors monthly, which will definitely keep it trending in 2020. It’s a fitness blog that covers all topics related to keeping fit, workouts, and even some humorous stories. Their articles feature famous personalities and celebrities who share health tips, bodybuilding tips, discuss the benefits and risks of steroids and supplements, etc.

10. DIY Active

DIY Active is created by a person with a clear vision in mind – make fitness available for everyone. If you don’t have the time to visit the gym, you can always work on your health and wellbeing from home. That’s what this blog is all about. It shares easy exercise tips and tricks you can do at your home if you’re crazy busy.

11. Simply Shredded

For all those who search for methods to shape their body and tone their muscles, this website is a great motivational source. On Simply Shredded, you can read numerous interviews with active people like bodybuilders, motivational stories from those who’ve succeeded in their fitness goals, and informative articles about exercise and bodybuilding.

12. ACE Healthy Living Blog

The name of this website stands for American Council on Exercise. This council was established based on the necessity of workout in the life of people who want to achieve health. It’s a reflection of this belief and therefore gives tips on fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

These 12 blogs have been the most popular, highly trending blogs this year. They are bound to grow bigger in the year that follows, so try to keep up with their posts if you want to try out the right fitness regimen.