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Bionic Man: Using Tech To Boost Your Fitness


The road to getting fit can be very challenging – there’s no doubt about that!

Earlier this week we talked about diet supplements – we look for short term fixes too often and the fancy marketing campaigns of many supplements can lead us into a false promise. We want the quick fixes because the path of improving fitness and health can seem difficult and painful. The reality is that quick fixes rarely work and if they do they are often temporary. 

That being said, there are ways to make things a lot easier for you. Let’s have a look at the tech that can help you achieve your fitness goals…

Bionic Man: Using Tech To Boost Your Fitness

The Jawbone UP is a fitness tracker that can help you get things done. It works as a smart coach, it can track your sleep, it can count the calories that you are burning, it can even wake you up! If you’re starting out with fitness, it could be the perfect workout buddy to help you get fit. Even if you’re a keen fitness freak, you could still benefit from a fitness tracker which can help you push yourself further.

Jabra have some amazing  headphones that can boom music into your eardrums to keep you focused. Not only that, but they are wireless, meaning you don’t have to hold your phone in your sweaty palm whilst blasting out your playlist. What’s more, they can also relay your current heart rate into your ear to keep you at a steady pace. They don’t come cheap, but they are a great assistant to your workout.

Good running shoes are a must for the cardio-machine. They will absorb shock from the pounding of your feet. A good pair of running shoes can be truly technical and transmit data from your run to a smartphone.

While it might not count as ‘true’ tech, a good bike can do wonders for your fitness. Shop around and find the best one for you and get out and about. Biking avoids the shocks to the system that come with jogging and can allow you to venture outside of the home or gym. It’s also a great transport option and you might save petrol money if you put some legwork into biking.

Tech can also help your fitness career. Thanks to the ever-developing world of software, if you’re a personal trainer you can train clients online! This is great if you’ve got an ever expanding customer list and don’t have the time to see to all of your clients personally. It’s easier than ever to become a personal trainer thanks to the internet.

The key to fitness is this – you get rewards out of it by putting effort in. It’s that simple. Technology makes it easier than ever to track your fitness and achieve your goals. There’s no excuse nowadays with the amount of digital and physical help available for you, so whatever your personal mission – there are the tools and means of achieving it!