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Blogathon! Why I’m Writing a Whopping 31 Blogs in August…


Goal Setting & Goal Getting…

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I’ve always got itchy feet, and i’m keen to push myself to the maximum! I love working towards goals, aiming to make them challenging but not too unrealistic. For example a couple of months ago I set myself a challenge to get into cycling and complete 30km in under 60 minutes. It absolutely killed me to start with (my legs felt like they had shackles on for weeks!), but now I’m cycling everyday and I can complete 38km in an hr! Wohooo.

August Goals…

There’s something extremely satisfying about setting a goal, working towards it and then completing it! Anyhow this month i’ve set myself 5 goals:

  1. Write 31 blogs (a blog per day!)
  2. Listen to 10 podcasts
  3. Read 5 books
  4. Listen to David Attenborough’s autobiography
  5. Complete a 3 week holiday challenge (and blog about it! shock! haha)

It’s a pretty tough ask considering i’ve got to run a business, go to the gym everyday and i’m also on holiday for a week (Sorento! Italy! wohooo!). So basically i’ve got 24 days to get everything in. I bloody love a good challenge though!


The reason I thought a blogathon would be good is simply for the fact that I can share loads of free content with you guys. So far I’ve written 17 (this is number 18) on all sorts of topics: Why I became a personal trainer, What I learned from Jessica Ennis, and How to build up to the perfect squat. I’ve also shared more personal topics such as my struggles with panic attacks – i’m not afraid to be honest as you’ve probably figured! I’ve also got loads of ideas written down for the remaining blogs so stay tuned, they will be live in the next couple of weeks.

What Are You Working Towards?

I’d love to hear from you, let me know by leaving your comment below or if you’d prefer e-mail me

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