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Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Do They Work? My Four Week Experience…

Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Do They Work? LEP Fitness

Four weeks ago, I purchased some blue light blocking glasses from BluBlox. This was off the back of a recommendation on Ben Pakuliski’s podcast (episode 68 of the Muscle Intelligence podcast) – where he talks about the effects of light exposure and how it negatively affects sleep and performance. 

I ordered two pairs, one set of glasses blocks out blue light – reducing eye strain, and lowering stress. These glasses look like regular glasses and are very stylish. 

The other pair I purchased are red and designed to help improve sleep. These glasses work by blocking out both blue and green light, both of which prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep!  

Both pairs of glasses look stylish; however, the red ones look slightly strange…for the main reason that they are red! 

Apart from looking like Bono from U2 and receiving lots of stick from my wife (who calls me Bono every time I wear my sleep glasses! lol) I have noticed a vast improvement to my sleep:

1) I Fall To Sleep Much Quicker – within 30-60 minutes of wearing the glasses, I start to feel tired. 

2) The Quality Of My Sleep Has Improved – not waking as regularly throughout the night and waking up refreshed. 

The above two benefits have had made an enormous difference to my life! I’m sleeping better, and therefore I have more energy, train harder in the gym, run a more efficient personal training business. I also have more vitality with my family at the weekends after a busy week of work! That’s a massive win for me, and I’m glad I invested. 

Why Blue Light Blocking Glasses? 

I’m sure most of you will know already, but spending time all day staring at artificial lights negatively impacts sleep. 

For example, the light emitted from your phone, computer, TV, lighting in your house, etc. All of this light is ok in small dosages, but when it’s all we look at all day then it negatively impacts sleep, by making us restless, and overstimulated! Especially at night time – we want to be tired, not stimulated!

Have you gone to bed at night with your mind racing, unable to switch off? If you said YES, don’t worry, most people suffer from this every night. It’s often to do with too much exposure to light, for example, scrolling on social media on your phone just before bed!

Do not underestimate the power of sleep, and I urge everybody (every single person who reads this post!) to read the book Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker – it’s one of the best books ever written! 

Inadequate sleep is linked to illness, disease, brain fog, depression, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, weight gain, to name but a few! If your sleep is poor, it’s going to affect everything from how you perform at work and in the gym!

If you want to improve your life and health, then sort out your sleep! Blue light blocking glasses are definitely one of the most essential pieces of the puzzle. 

Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It? 

Yes, Yes, and Yes (no typo!). 

I would 100% recommend buying a pair of blue light blocking glasses. 

That said, do your research and look at reviews online, for example, type in the best blue light blocking glasses in 2020 and check out all the brands availble and look for reviews. 

Like I said earlier, I would highly recommend BluBloxs – they are trendy and work! I actually look forward to wearing them because I know how much of a positive impact they have on my sleep. I get a dopamine rush as soon as I put them on, and 30-60 minutes later, my heads on a pillow, and I’m in a peaceful sleep! I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to kick butt! 

Where To Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses? 

My recommendation would be the BluBloxs collections

How To Get The Most From Blue Light Blocking Glasses

While blue light blocking glasses will help you, it’s best to combine them with other rituals that will help you sleep. Here are six tips to help you get a better nights sleep:

#1 Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses for reasons mentioned in this post. Especially the sleep ones that BluBloxs sell. 

#2 Take Magnesium and Zinc 1 hour before bed and ideally on an empty stomach. I recommend taking this zinc supplement and 400-600mg of magnesium (either magnesium citrate or magnesium glycinate) 

#3 Turn Off All Electronic Devices 1 hour before bed. Put your phone on flight mode, or even better switch it off, and use a wake-up alarm clock. Instead of going on your phone or laptop and watching Netflix, read a great book (message me for some great book recommendations!)  

#4 Take A Warm Bath – a warm bath with magnesium salts or bath soap will help your muscles relax and also increase the likelihood of a good night’s sleep.

#5 Meditate – I recommend using the app called Calm. Mediation has plenty of benefits, and sleeping is one of them! 

#6 Sunlight – get out every single day in natural light. Go for a 30-60 minute walk. Whether you walk to work or take a walk on your lunch break, make sure to spend at least 30 minutes outside each day (regardless of the weather!). Sunlight exposure will boost your mood, help you burn some calories, and also improve sleep. 

Do all of the above and watch your sleep improve immediately!

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Nick (Founder Of LEP Fitness)