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Boost Your Fitness: 4 New Activities To Try This Summer…

4 New Activities To Try This Summer

The winter was long, cold, and boring. So far, spring hasn’t gotten off to the best start either…

But listen, summer is on its way you guys. The days of Netflix and endless gaming on the couch will be behind us, and hopefully, soon, we’ll be allowed to roam free in the beautiful sunshine, and we can turn 2020 into the year it’s supposed to be. And what better time to start a new hobby! 

With all this spare time on our hands, it can be easy to get lost in a daydream. But now is the perfect moment to start researching something you’ve always wanted to try, get the equipment sorted, and start planning your progression! So if you’re looking for some ideas for the perfect summer hobby to try this year, check out the list below. 

Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing either indoors – bouldering, or with ropes – or outdoors in mountainous areas, is a great way to keep fit, build confidence, and meet interesting people. 

Unlike monotonously hitting the treadmill, climbing requires skill and problem-solving techniques which take time to perfect. But progression happens quickly, and the progress you make is such a huge confidence boost, some people find it pretty addictive. 

Climbing is also great for building your core strength, keeping you healthy, and looking sexy. And when you’re hanging out at the climbing wall, it’s pretty easy to strike up a conversation with other climbers and make new friends.    

Finally, climbing will improve your cardio fitness and boost your mindset. You’ll feel fit, strong, confident, and it will lift your mood. 


Ever get envious watching a graceful skater glide past you through city streets? Wish you had the guts to drop into a bowl or land a stylish trick? 

Skateboarding is more than just a work-out. It’s a culture. The community is thriving, and once you get started, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can achieve. The problem is, most people don’t know how to start skateboarding and get intimidated by the idea of trying.

Contrary to the butterflies in your stomach, learning to skate should be fun, safe, and easy(ish), if you take your time, wear the right protective gear, and study the discipline properly. And once you’ve nailed it, a whole new world opens up. 

Alongside the fun aspects of skateboarding, you will also burn lots of calories. This will help you lose weight. You will also improve aspects of your fitness, such as coordination and agility.  

While skateboarding is an individual sport, it can be very sociable. You can skate with your friends, and make new friends at your local skate park. 

If you skate outside, which you should be able to do in the summer, then you’ll also get plenty of vitamin D. This will enhance your mood and improve your health. 

Skateboarding is excellent for both mental and physical well-being. So grab a board and get going. 

Surfing and Windsurfing 

Have you ever seen an overweight surfer? 

The likelihood is that you haven’t. 

Most surfers are super fit and athletic, and the reason for this is due to the physical demands it places on the body. 

Surfers are often relaxed too. This is largely down to being outdoors all day. The glistening sunshine makes you relax and feel good. Your problems evaporate, and you reconnect with nature. Who doesn’t want a boost like this? 

If you live near a beach or some open water, surfing or windsurfing are great ways to spend some time outdoors, make the most of the water, and learn a new skill. If you don’t live near a beach, there are tons of awesome watersports holiday resorts and retreats you could sample this summer. 

Like skating, surfing is a skill that takes a little time to get the hang of. And you can prep for your sessions by working on your core fitness and perfecting your swimming stroke. Once you feel confident, most surfable areas will have a surf school set-up, where you can rent equipment and take some lessons. 


Maybe you’ve got your high-octane physical hobbies nailed down, and you’d like to try something a little more creative, cerebral – practical. If so, woodworking is the perfect combo of hobby and practical skill. Plus, you get to wear one of those cool utility belts and keep a pencil behind your ear – pretty neat. 

To start making stuff at home, you’re going to need some essential tools and equipment. But even if you have some of this stuff, if you don’t have the know-how, you’re probably not going to get much further than a dodge spice-rack. So see if there are any woodworking classes in your area, or ask a friend or family member to show you some tips. 

From a physical point of view, the more woodwork you do, the more definition you’ll get in your arms. Especially muscles like your biceps, shoulders, triceps, and forearms. Most woodworkers have forearms like Popeye. You’ll also burn lots of calories. 

An added benefit is the creative side. Building something from scratch gets your mind active. You feel a sense of achievement once you’ve completed your project. Therefore woodwork is great for both your brain and body. 

Why not get excited about your woodwork project by creating a plan of action. Then go and buy what you need. Then you’re good to get started. 

And there we have it! Summer is just around the corner. So make sure you’re ready to make the most of it by preparing to nail your new hobby now.