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Bruce Lee! What an absolute geezer…


Bruce Lee 1940-1973

Bruce Lee! What an absolute geezer

I have no idea how old I was (I just know i was very young – probably 5-8 years old) when I first watched “Enter the Dragon“. All I remember was being like… “wow! Holy Shit (well obviously I didn’t swear back then!) I want to be like Bruce Lee. He was the ultimate man in my eyes, and the thought of kicking a load of baddies backsides was highly appealing. I guess he was a hero to me.

Not long after the film I started Karate with my dad. We’d spend hrs and hrs at the dojo, and outside of classes we’d practice at home, often in mums lounge when she was trying to watch TV (she wasn’t happy). After a couple of years (again I can’t remember the exact number) we both managed to get our black belts together. This with no doubt is one of my proudest achievements, not just because of the belt but because I did so with my father. This fond memory will always stay with me – I’m smiling just thinking about it.

The discipline and practice involved taught me valuable lessons from a young age, all of which have stayed with me to this day. Although I no longer do karate, I do apply the principles learned: patience, practice, and consistency to all my current endeavours.

Bruce Lee was (and still is) a legend in my eyes and i’m grateful for his inspiration. Role models have the power to inspire and motivate us. Although Bruce Lee died in 1973 his legacy lives on – the sign of a true hero.

Who’s Your Favourite Childhood Role Model?

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