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When I killed my friend with a brutal leg workout…


Elvis Legs!

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My best buddy Ryan can no longer walk, when he does his legs move of their own accord, they kind of look like Elvis’s legs when he’s dancing! We’ve just completed a brutal leg workout, so brutal in fact it’s taken me the best part of 60 minutes to walk home (it usually takes me 20!). I was anticipating a fall down the spiralling staircase as we left the gym but thankfully it didn’t happen.

Not long after the workout, amongst the sweat, and mental daze a thought popped into my mind…. I was seriously contemplating having a sleep on the comfy sofa’s, I was absolutely cream-crackered! Just the thought of the long, arduous walk home was enough to make me consider making Virgin Active my home for the next 24hrs!

Well I finally made it back to my computer, and I’ve just thrown back a post workout protein shake. As far as Ryan is concerned I don’t know if he made it back, he’s got it much worse than me, he lives at the top of a hill (can we all just take a moment to pray for Ryan!) – lets hope he makes it home!

Anyhow, the sun is shining, life is good and I thought it would be super cool to share the workout we did, why not try it yourself? or with a friend? (if you have an enemy or want to laugh at your friends expense, this is the one!). If your unsure of any of the exercises i’ve also added a link to the video demonstration (click on blue links throughout post if needed).

Leg Tremble Workout…

Part 1: Warm Up – 10 minutes foam rolling (back, chest, shoulders and legs)

foam rolling - lep fitness blog

Part 2: The John Wayne Leg Workout!

*rest 60s between each set

Part 3 : Metabolic Circuit (shred that fat baby!) 

  1. Walking KB lunges (40 meters)
  2. Tyre Flips (40 meters)
  3. Frog Jumps (40 meters)
  4. Burpees x 20 reps

*complete entire circuit (4 exercises in a row), then once done rest for 1-2 minutes! before going again for another 2 more rounds (12 sets in total!)

getting into the car after training legs with LEP Fitness - sheffield personal trainer - sheffield personal training - sheffield personal trainers

I hope you enjoy, let me know how you get on!