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Buffed Up Protein Porridge Bonanza!


protein porridge
Do you love porridge in the mornings???

Me too!

Especially in the UK winter.

Blooming freezing!

Do you ever get absolutely hank marving (starving!) though after just a couple of hrs of eating a bowl?

One way to increase your protein intake for the day and to increase satiety levels (to prevent snacking) is to add a scoop (30-40g) of whey protein shake and mix it in with your porridge each morning.

How To Cook Protein Porridge:

  1. add 75g of oats into a frying pan
  2. add 200-300ml of almond milk (depending on how you like your porridge – runny or stodgy?)
  3. Add in 30g of whey protein
  4. Mix the ingredients up
  5. Put the hob on a low heat and cook, frequently stir for 5-10 minutes until done

Bonus Tip:

Add in a banana + either a handful of nuts (20-30g) or a scoop of almond butter (20g) to fill you up even further.

That’s a knowledge bomb for you right there.