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Build a Strong Core: Functional Workout Routines You Simply Have to Try…

Build a Strong Core: Functional Workout Routines You Simply Have to Try

There are numerous training routines out there but few help you build a strong core that is essential for any type of fitness. TRX functional training workout is one of the few routines that works on your core to activate it and fire up your glutes. The best thing about TRX workouts is that they are intended for everyone, from fitness novices to seasoned athletes. The following routines are so simple that you can even take them up on the beach during your vacation.

Skippy hop

One of the easiest exercises that even small children learn instantly is skipping. No, we are not referring to skipping the rope but merely … skipping on its own. This functional exercise is both dynamic and energetic, as you get to set the pace that best suits you. Furthermore, you can increase the intensity by changing the surface you skip on. Avoid hard surfaces like concrete or hardwood floor and go for neutral surfaces like a mat. If you wish to create resistance, then skipping in the sand is ideal for getting the most out this functionality exercise.


If you’re an athlete competing in a sport that requires great coordination of your limbs, as well as a high level of agility, them backpedaling is the perfect functional exercise for you. By moving your legs backward, you are boosting your kinesthetic awareness. Your hands and legs will learn to work in harmony after just 30 minutes of backpedaling. If you want to increase the intensity of this functional exercise, try running backward faster and faster, stretching the limit before you get carried away and fall down. The whole point of a functional training is to test your ultimate limits over time.


This exercise is a classic. However, in terms of functionality, the real challenge lies in the weight you lift. You can always don a belt or put on extra ankle weights to increase the resistance. Coupled with the pulling force of gravity, pulls-ups are the ideal form of a functional training session. Pull-ups are ideal for developing the musculature of both upper and middle back, as well as biceps. If you want to boost endurance, then hold for several seconds after your chin is leveled with the bar. Also, don’t forget to return to the starting position really slowly because releasing tension instantly can lead to injury.

Push or pull?

The eternal dilemma of going to the supermarket whether to push or pull the front door is easily resolved in fitness: you do both. All you need is a sled of some type that can be found in a typical gym or you can custom make one at home from an armchair, for example. If you decide to pull the sled, then you need a long rope that will ensure friction is decreased to a minimum as you move the structure around. When it comes to pushing, there should be a single place that is firm enough not to bend when you grip it. This functional exercise will activate everything from hamstrings and glutes to the chest and shoulders.

Using the right gear

As far as the gear is concerned, most exercises are done using solely your body weight. However, additional weights mean that more stress is exerted on individual parts of your body, so compression gear would be good to wear. This way, not only will you look cool but you will avoid injuries as well. When it comes to the aforementioned skipping, for instance, compression socks can help protect the muscles in your legs. 

All the exercises listed here at aimed at one thing: building a strong core, which lies at the heart of TRX functional training workouts. Over time, you will learn to engage new muscle groups by applying small alteration to the exercises you perform.