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5 Reasons Not to Buy Anavar…


Eat clen, tren hard, anavar give up” will be the gym mantra for many guys in 2019

1 million people are believed to be taking steroids in the UK, including 1 in 33 men (1).

This means that many personal trainers will be coaching men and women who are using (or have used) steroids. Taking AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids) is a personal choice, however it’s important for personal trainers to educate their clients about the potential implications of taking them.

In this article I’ll be talking about anavar, or oxandrolone, known as one of the ‘safest’ steroids on the black market. If you’re tempted to buy anavar (or any other steroids), my aim is to educate readers about the side effects – helping you to stay safe and hopefully natural.

5 reasons not to take anavar:

  1. Low Testosterone
  2. Costs a bomb
  3. Liver strain
  4. No More Natty Status
  5. Not Worth the Gains

Low Testosterone

Everyone guy wants high testosterone levels. Whether it’s to be better in the sack, ooze confidence, get the girl of your dreams or become more successful in your career.

Your favourite heroes all probably have high T – whether it’s the Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger or David Beckham.

Guess what happens when you take anavar?

At first, your testosterone will go through the roof, increasing muscle gains. However, shortly after your natural testosterone will take a dive. This is a self-defence mechanism by the body to keep test levels from going too high. The body detects that there’s too much T, and thus shuts down production to keep a homeostasis. Basically, your body doesn’t care about muscle gains, it just wants to keep you healthy (and alive).

Now, anavar won’t shut you down completely, but this effect is still pretty significant. Studies have shown var to decrease T by 50% when taking a daily dose of 80mg for 12 weeks (2). This can result in less well-being, strength, muscle loss, energy, libido and confidence.

Usually after several weeks/months off anavar, your testosterone levels will recover; however if var is abused this can result in more permanent damage to your sexual health. Impotence and infertility is possible for some users (although unlikely).

Costs a Bomb

If you want to buy anavar, you’ll need a lot of spare cash if you’re going to run a cycle. When taking a moderate dose, it’s common for a anavar-only cycle to cost approx $300.

Thus if you’re short for money, this would be best invested elsewhere.

Other AAS which can have a much more dramatic effect on body composition are available for sale on the black market for a fraction of this price.

The reason anavar’s so expensive is because there’s a lot of people who want to take it, and only a few labs who produce it. Many men want to take it, because the risk of severe side effects is low. Many women want to take it because the risk of virilization is also low. Virilization = masculine features, such as deep voice, enlarged clitoris, facial hair etc.

Note: legal alternatives may cost significantly less than anavar bought on the black market. See here for more info – https://muscleandbrawn.com/buy-anavar/

Liver Strain

Anavar is an oral steroid and it can be taxing on the liver. Thus if you’ve got any liver problems or you take certain prescription meds that are harsh on the organ – you may want to skip taking anavar. Steroid-users may tell you that the liver is an extremely resilient organ (and they’d be right), however this doesn’t guarantee that your liver won’t fail after several anavar cycles, if it’s already in a bad way.

…Especially if you stack it with other toxic AAS, such as anadrol, or oral dianabol.

You can take liver support supplements during an anavar cycle, however this merely acts to decrease the damage, rather than to reverse it.

No More Natty Status

As soon as you take 1 pill of anavar, you’re no longer a life-time natty.

How many natural guys are in insane shape? Not many.

How many dudes are in great shape and on steroids? A lot.

Although it’s not about comparing yourself to others (unless you’re competing), you’ll no longer be able to label yourself as a natty and be proud of it.

And you might have to put up with the “Ah but he takes steroids. I could do that if I took roids”… even if they couldn’t.

Not Worth the Gains

If you’re going to spend hundreds of bucks on a steroid – it better work wonders.

In some cases – anavar won’t.

First, there’s the risk of getting scammed on the black market, by a dodgy dealer. Secondly, anavar’s effects on body composition aren’t as dramatic as a bulking compound – like testosterone or dianabol.

Anavar-users will notice considerable fat loss, an increase in strength and maybe some muscle gains. Thus, apart from the strength increase; the main benefit you’ll experience at is fat loss.

Significant fat loss is possible to attain without steroids. Natural men and women can lose 1-2 pounds of fat each week from following a calorie deficit diet. Over 12 weeks, that’s 12-24 pounds of fat!

There’s absolutely no need to take a steroid that costs you hundreds of dollars and can potentially damage your health – just to lose fat.

Anavar will help you maintain muscle mass when cutting on lower calories, however muscle loss isn’t a reality for natty’s eating in a small calorie deficit. Muscle loss whilst cutting is overrated…unless you’re literally starving yourself.

Should Gym-Goers Buy Anavar (Or Other Steroids)?

It depends on the person…if you’re an IFBB Pro and you’re competing in the Olympia next month – sure, it could be a good investment to take anavar, as it will benefit your career.

However, for most people, oxandrolone’s not worth the money or risk to your health. My advice is to stay natural, however if a PT’s clients do take steroids they should be able to tell him/her without being judged; and so the PT can adjust their workout/nutrition plan to suit them better.