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Can CBD Oil Improve Your Quality of Life

Can CBD Oil Improve Your Quality of Life

CBD has taken the health and wellness industry by storm within the last few years. However, many people still have a few misconceptions about this naturally occurring compound. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what CBD is, if it’s any good, and whether or not it can actually improve your quality of life, read on.

What is CBD?

In case you’re not already familiar, CBD is the abbreviation of the word cannabidiol. No, it’s not illegal, and it definitely does not have the same effects as THC — which is the substance associated with the ‘high’ effect when you consume or smoke marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is also found in the marijuana plant; however, think of it as THC’s more put-together cousin. It can give you the mental and physical benefits of taking THC, but none of the psychedelic effects. The bottom line, it can improve your quality of life in several ways and is suitable for a broad spectrum of consumers.

Better Sleep

If you find that you’re spending hours tossing and turning at night, it’s time to take action. Poor sleep can affect your health in various ways. For example, you’ll tend to feel fatigued and hazy while going about your day — and wind up getting nothing done. Also, if you exercise, you’re not giving your body a sufficient amount to time to repair itself, so you’re likely not to see the results you want. However, this non-psychoactive compound contains properties that can help people who suffer from short-term sleep problems. Researchers suggest that it has something to do with the way CBD interacts with the receptors in your brain that target the body’s sleep and wake cycles. Taking the substance can also relax your body and eradicate your anxieties before bed — and thus make a better sleep session.

Treat Chronic Pain

CBD is famously known for its ability to lessen ailments like joint pain, chronic pain, and arthritis. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe the muscles and joints. These chronic ailments make it hard to live life up to speed; however, the substance combats the inflammation on a cellular level to achieve the desired result.

Lessened Anxiety

CBD can also have an astounding effect on anxiety and depression. According to Healthline, the drug interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, respectively. This interaction affects the way serotonin levels are perceived within the body and can trigger a calming feeling. Using CBD is safer than some over the counter medicine, which can often come with a long list of side effects. You can also use the substance to treat depression, PTSD, and social anxiety disorder.

The Beauty Benefits

You can even use CBD in your beauty routine. Apply serums and moisturizes infused with the substance to clear and even out your skin’s texture. If you’re prone to acne, CBD can assist you by keeping the amount of sebum produced by the skin under control, and in turn, reduce the number of breakouts you experience. CBD can also nourish your skin to treat rosacea and eczema. Lastly, CBD oil can also be used in the hair to provide lustrous shine.

Fight Inflammation After Exercise and Recover Faster

CBD is remarkably useful for individuals who love to work out. Athletes and bodybuilders tend to do a lot of heavy lifting, which ultimately causes delayed onset muscle soreness within the body. Inflammation caused by microtears in the body elicit this often painful and stiff sensation. People turn to foam rolling and foods rich in antioxidants to recover — however, CBD may also lend a hand with the process. Its anti-inflammatory properties may alleviate the strain, especially when paired with warm water and a massage.

How Can I Take CBD?

You can introduce CBD into your system in many different ways. You can use it in lotion form to nurture your skin and treat muscle soreness. You can also take it as a gummy or chewable vitamin. You can even drink CBD or use a dropper to take it sublingually. The possibilities are endless. However, it’s important to note that CBD is derived from two sources — either hemp or marijuana. The legality of the source of CBD varies from state to state.

Wrapping Up

So now you know what CBD is (and what it isn’t). You’re also aware of what it’s capable of and who should take it to alleviate their ailments. CBD can absolutely improve your life if you have fatigue, anxiety, or trouble sleeping. There are many ways you can implement it into your daily routine, whether you take a tablet, serum, or use a lotion. Despite the stigma behind it, CBD is not toxic or harmful. It can only benefit you, especially if you’re trying to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.