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Can You Achieve A Body Transformation in Just 8 Weeks? YES! and here’s how…


It’s amazing what you can achieve in just 8 weeks! 

Can You Achieve A Body Transformation in Just 8 Weeks? YES! and here's how...

The results that you see above were achieved in just 8 weeks (56 days!).

It’s not been complicated, and we haven’t used any fancy supplements or diet pills!

In fact all we’ve done is focus on creating a calorie deficit (the only way to lose weight!) and lift weights 4x per week. Let’s look at how we achieved these results in a bit more detail so you can go away and shed those pounds too!

Weight Training…

Over the 8 weeks we focused on heavy compound movements, exercises such as: squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull up variations, etc. Basically any exercise which uses multiple muscle groups. For example, squats, if done correctly work the thighs, glutes, hamstrings and abs. That’s 4 muscle groups hit in just one exercise!

As compound movements use lots of muscle groups they subsequently burn more calories and allow the user to lift more weight – therefore improving body composition more quickly.

Training Frequency? Although for some training more than 4x per week is beneficial, it’s my personal opinion that for most, 4 weights sessions per week is absolutely perfect, especially for a beginner. Any more than 4 and the intensity of workouts typically tends to suffer, and fatigue and injury are more likely to creep in.


Again nothing fancy here. Just tracking calories and choosing healthy, nutritious foods, which fit within a calorie target. Here’s what we did:

#1 Protein

Protein is absolutely essential for body composition! Protein helps keep you fuller for longer and you actually burn calories just by consuming it, because it’s harder for your body to break down and digest. We kept protein levels high 175-200g per day. Foods selected included: chicken, turkey, eggs, steak, mince, salmon, and cod.

#2 Carbohydrates

We did lower carbohydrate intake, but nothing too drastic and nothing to do with carbs making you fat (they don’t! too many calories do!). Instead we chose 3 days per week to have carbohydrates. These carb days would always be on training days and we included foods like: potatoes, and rice.

#3 Fats

Fats were kept lower on training days, to make way for more calories from carbohydrates. However on rest days fats were significantly higher. Foods chosen included: nuts, eggs, oils, butters, etc

#4 Cheat Meals

Nothing crazy, but if a cheat meal was desired we’d include one 1x per week. Nothing stupid like a large double decadence Dominoes pizza! But something much lower in calories like a burger and chips, something typically in the region of 1,000 calories. To include this cheat meal we simply replaced one of the meals on the custom meal plan i.e. instead of chicken and rice for dinner on a Friday… a burger, chips and diet coke were chosen instead.

And there we have it! It’s amazing what you can achieve when you give 100% and leave no stones left unturned.

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