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Why Carbohydrates Make Fat People Fatter…


Most people are overweight because they have/continue to eat poor quality foods regularly and lack exercise.

This article explains Why Carbohydrates Make Fat People Fatter…

With an action plan to eradicate body fat, reduce fat storage, and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

This is a MUST read article for those who are obese, worried about their weight, and wanting to improve the quality of their life.

I start with a brief scientific explanation (5 sentences!) and then use an analogy which is easier to understand and will be easy to remember. Hope you enjoy.

Somatotype : Where are You?

Metabolism - System

If you are in the A or B section this article is for you.

Insulin : Time to Listen Up


Insulin is a hormone. It makes our body’s cells absorb glucose from the blood. The glucose is stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen (energy) and stops the body from using fat as a source of energy. When there is very little insulin in the blood, or none at all, glucose is not taken up by most body cells and fat is not stored. The problem is that people who are overweight have continuously high levels of insulin in the blood, which promotes fat storage.

In other words . . .

Your Parcel Delivery Man & Van. . .

Why Carbohydrates Make Fat People Fatter! - Carbs and insulin

Okay so imagine it this way. Your body has a parcel delivery man who drives a van (delivering nutrients around your body). Everytime you eat food your parcel man has to go an pick it up from the depot (stomach). Now there are 3 types of packages your van driver picks up:

  • Protein (small in size)
  • Fat (small in size)
  • Carbohydrate (LARGE in size)

The only thing is your van driver has a limited storage space. If you are:

a) Insulin sensitive, this means you have a large storage space (you probably exercise regularly & can uptake more parcels, therefore make more money and use fuel efficiently)

Why Carbohydrates Make Fat People Fatter! - Carbs and insulin

b) Insulin resistance, means you have small or very little storage space. In other words you are less able to deal with large packages (carbohydrates).

Why Carbohydrates Make Fat People Fatter! - Carbs and insulin

If you are unfit, exercise little and eat lots of cr*p regularly, chances are you have low storage space. Meaning you are insulin resistant, ,you are less able to deal with large packages (carbohydrates).

There are 3 customers your driver (body) delivers too:

  • Mr Liver (good customer)
  • Mr Muscles (good customer)
  • Mr Fat Storage (bad customer)

Mr Liver and Mr Muscles both pay money for delivery. Mr Fat Storage, however does not pay for the service at all and your driver gets no benefit, just a load of parcels that make 0 profit and clog up the van (make you store fat!).

The problem is that there is a limited storage space for Mr Liver & Mr Muscle packages if you are overweight. The space cannot be expanded, unless you build more space (which I talk about in the next chapter). The least profitable customer however, Mr Fat Storage always has room and once Mr Liver and Mr Muscle packages are full the remaining packages (excess carbohydrates) will be converted into Mr Fats (Body fat!). In other words 0 profit parcels!

Fat storage - LEP fITNESS = Personal trainining sheffield - Nick screeton

Now if you continue to pick up more Mr Fat packages than you can handle (Carbohydrates), your driver makes less profit. If this continues on a regular basis you could become bankrupt and stop trading because there’s no money for petrol! In reality terms this would mean you have developed Diabetes. Scary sh*t!

You can however improve the size of Mr Muscles storage space (answer coming up), allowing you to store more parcels, deliver more and make more profit. You can improve insulin sensitivity by . . .

Building a Bigger Van…

insulin resistance

  1. By Exercising more frequently : By exercising more frequently you develop more space to store parcels in Mr Muscle (glycogen: which is muscle energy). By exercising you are also delivering parcels more frequently, which is allowing you to pick up more parcels and use them efficiently. More parcels = more profit.

  2. By Sticking to fat and protein based foods: By consuming high proteins and fats in the diet you are a picking up more profit and building up extra storage space at the same time. This is because you are no longer wasting space by collecting large carbohydrate packages which take up room and gain 0 profit. Every time you pick up a carbohydrate package (eat carbs) you are wasting space and earning 0.

 Lift Weights to Build a Bigger Storage Unit…

Providing you are injury free and have no underlying health conditions, I would always advise lifting weights.

When you lift weights you are using muscle glycogen, in other words . . . You are selling high profit Mr Muscle Packages! And building more storage space at the same time.

I would also encourage performing full body workouts (upper and lower body), alternating between an upper body and lower body exercise throughout each session. Always hire a high quality personal trainer who delivers results and can formulate an action plan for you (How to Get the Best From Your Personal Training Experience)

Pick Up Profitable Packages (Foods List):

Protein Based Foods*:

Chicken, turkey, venison, buffalo, mince meat, salmon, cod, haddock, mackerel, hake, prawns. Any meat and fish basically!

Fat Based Foods*:

nuts (almond, brazil, walnuts, hazelnuts), oils (coconut, olive, rapeseed), organic butter, eggs. Cashew butter,

*Always add plenty of green vegetables to each meal.

Final Note . . .

I hope you have enjoyed ** Why Carbohydrates Make Fat People Fatter! ** and taken home a few golden nuggets.

This article is directed towards people with a weight issue, and alot of excess bodyfat, where carbohydrates are not benefiting you at all.

Once you start to improve your insulin sensitivity (bigger van, more storage space) then carbohydrates can actually become very profitable. But you have to build your van first. That’s an article for a different day.

The long and short of this is if you are out of shape, carrying excess weight then I would advise you to cut out carbohydrates from your diet for around 3-4 weeks, see how you feel and look and then take it from there.

This is where a good coach comes in, you need somebody to take into account your specific situation. Everybody is different and requires a slightly different strategy a good coach will create that for you. Hire a high quality coach to guide you through the phases needed and always consult your medical professional before undertaking any fitness and health endeavour.

If your looking for a nutritional plan, with all these tips from the article incorporated into a specific plan designed for you,  then I strongly suggest investing in a life enhancing  Custom Meal Plan .

Thanks, and Goodluck!

Nick Screeton - LEP Fitness - Sheffield Personal Trainer