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Character : The Missing Ingredient In Fitness


Moral strength and integrity.

People with character seem to be few and far between in todays world. We live in a society where success is: owning materialistic possessions, being a size 0, flaunting a sculpted 6 pack, and accumulating as much wealth as possible, the wealthier you are the higher your social status. Seriously? When it comes down to it . . .

When was the last funeral you went to where people talked about the wealth of the deceased? “oh wow! Tony. What a man, he was worth £9,000,000 and he drove a Porsche. Great guy!” No. People talk about the character, about happy memories, the person, the true self. The truth is in the end no one cares about wealth, how ripped you were, or what car you drive.

If your true self is based on materialistic objects, looks, wealth, and status what happens if you lose them? your whole sense of being is lost, without them you are nothing. You have little self worth.

True character is not following the herd, it’s about sticking to your morals no matter what, doing the right thing, being honest and fighting against the odds. Life will throw curve balls at you when you least expect it, those with character and ingretity will ride the storms better than those without.

When you set out to transform you body who are you doing it for?

Are you doing it for you? or to get attention?

Do you think that by looking a certain way doing you will feel better about yourself and have more confidence. I can promise you that if you are doing it for somebody else you will fail, there will be a day when something tips you over the edge and you give in. You’ll find any old excuse . . .

The truth is when undergoing any transformation you have to do it for you. You have to develop the ability to say . . . no! to opportunities that serve short term gratification and stray you from you goals. You have to make sacrifices. When life throws an unexpected curve ball at you, which it will, the only chance you have of staying on the path is the inner Character you cultivate.

Character is Key and will stand the test of time.