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Chilling with the fam! Burgers, coke and happy times…


Special Times…


I’ve just had a marvellous afternoon, chilling with some of my favourite people. My mum and gran popped over to Sheffield to catch up with me and Sally. It’s been lovely to chill out after a crazy couple of weeks. The holiday I had in Sorrento a couple of weeks ago literally feels like a life time ago, so much has happened!

Anyhow i’ve drank far too much coffee today, my hands are literally shaking just writing this sentence. I blame mum and gran, who can drink tea and talk for England! This afternoon we took a trip to the Prince of Wales for some great pub grub. I’ll give you £10 squid if you can guess what I had?

If you said anything other than a burger then you don’t know me very well. See i have this issue, i’m not even joking…

Whenever I go into a restaurant and look at the menu i see all the options: the pasta’s, the pizza’s, steaks, salads, etc but as soon as I see the word ‘burger’ the whole menu changes to burgers, literary it’s like burger vision! haha I have no control. Burgers and whiskey are definitely my weak spot. Whenever Sally buys me a bottle of Whiskey I think… “What have you done wrong now!” haha. To be honest one of the best presents anyone could buy for me would be a life time supply of burgers and whiskey. Thankfully for my gut and liver that’s probably never going to happen!

Anyhow I digress, it’s been great chilling with the family. We’ve reminisced, talked about current affairs and shared plenty of laughter (and food!). In fact i’m absolutely shattered, i’m about to go into a deep food coma. Burgers, coke and a chocolate brownie do that to you!

It always shocks people when I tell them I eat stuff like burgers, brownies, and pizza! They think “what on Earth your a personal trainer?”. Truth is I don’t talk about how Monday to Friday I eat fish, meat and vegetables because… well that’s just bloody boring isn’t it!

Anywayzzzz I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I’m clocking off for a well needed break, i’ll be watching Netflix, sleeping and probably causing mischief as usual.

Have a fab weekend Amigo’s, speak soon,

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Nick 🙂