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Compound Effect : A New Way Of Looking At Your Health & Fitness Journey…

Compound Effect : A New Way Of Looking At Your Health & Fitness Journey...... sheffield personal trainer

Far too many people when undergoing a physical transformation try and change too much overnight! 

One day they are eating everything under the sun, but then the next day they decide to live off chicken salad and hammer the gym!

The trouble with this is that it’s often too much of a shock, and eventually (whether after a day or month) ‘will power’ runs out and they go back to square one.

Most people who want to start improving their health and fitness would be better viewing their transformation a bit like a PENSION.

Making small but continual deposits over time.

Let’s say you are in your early 20s the likelihood is that you won’t be able to put much money in your pension (unless you’re footballer and that money is probably gonna be spent on flashy cars! lol!). But you can still start saving and make small deposits, even if it’s only £20 per month.

Then as time goes on you can start to increase the amount you invest, and over a period of years… hopefully you’ll end up with a nice sum of money to live off.

If you apply the same principle to your health and fitness you’ll go very far.

Start by focusing on 1 thing at a time, for example…

The first thing to do is to start increasing your output by exercising.

Something I do a lot with LEP Fitness clients is a 12 Week Habit Program. This is where we set a new goal each week, for 12 continuous weeks. As each week goes on you keep the previous weeks habit in place whilst adding a new one into your routine, so that by the end of the program you have 12 positive habits in place…

For example:

  • Week 1: train with LEP Fitness 3x per week
  • Week 2: do an extra workout at home
  • Week 3: cut down from 2 coffees per day to 1
  • Week 4: read 10 minutes before going to bed (I’ll recommend a good mindset book)
  • Week 5: eat 1 piece of fruit per day
  • Week 6: increase daily step count by 1,000  steps per day

Etc, etc…

This system works great and is a far more manageable way to change. It gives you time to get used to the new habits, and it gives you something to aim for and something which is more sustainable. You’ll notice progress and feel good about it, without having to totally change your life overnight.

If you apply this same concept for the next year imagine where you could be?

Thanks for reading, if you found this post helpful please leave your comment below…

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Nick 🙂